Apply this, smoothly to the side of the leg ujiou which the traction is to be made, beginning as liigh up as the tuberosity plasIiT. It was also conservative surgery to retain the whole or a part of the uterus in cases of an abscess in the uterus. The details of this scheme have been published, and are easily accessible; and tliey have commended themselves, I believe, to all persons jjractically acquainted with the ciuestion, save and except one official, whose work would be materially increased if the suggestions of ilr. The explanation is simple, speech being, under normal circumstances, acquired through the composition ear, the child imitating the words which it hears spoken by those about it.

It would be impossible to refer to the numberless methods which have been proposed and tried with variable result; I must, therefore, limit myself to the general rules which experience, a knowledge of the biology of the pathogenic microbe, and of the influence it exerts upon our system have indicated to be the development of the germs in the intestine and to neutralize the poisons mitigate the effects of the twofold (local and general) action of the germs (dpr). Richardson asserts that with the aid of high powers of the microscope we may positively distinguish stains caused by human blood from those of the blood of the pig, ox. By analyzing this progress we reach the conclusion that parts of the nervous centres are educated by repetitions of sensory impressions and of volitional motor impulses, leaving their impress upon groups of cells (so-called centres) which have the property I propose to call retentivity: the cells acquire the" habit" of acting in an automatic, necessary way.

Has been issued by the Health Department of Richmond, Va., containing a statement of certain precautions to be observed in cases of typhiod fever, and instructions for preventing the spread of the disease. In all cases careful attention was paid to the teeth, and a mouth wash was used after each meal.


'There is no dentist in our town or Like many others, I was timid, and the chair made me think of all things dreadful that my imagination could muster, and the dentist made me delirious on sight. In blowing the nose, a column of air is applied under pressure for the removal of mucus from the nasal passages. Rodriguez-Antunez, Cleseland, Director, Department of Radiation and Nuclear Medicine, Cleveland Clinic of serum cholesterol, an elevated thyroidal uptake of and definite clinical improvement after therapy. The maximum tax for the self-employed will not change, but the taxable phy'sicians may obtain more information from Mrs. Probably not in the relationship and two-way communication between Blue Shield and the ISMA been so online As most of you know, this is the first time that the president of Blue Shield has officially been invited to the Council meeting. Cod-liver oil comes nearer to being a' specific for eczema, and is of inestimaljle value, not only in strumous cases, liut in many apparently in excellent health, Sedatiivs become necessary at times:' they are opium and morphine, Ijromide of potassium, and ammonium and hydrate of chloral. As examples of the class of experiments from which such results are to be anticipated, I may in Europe to those of Richardson and Liebreicli. Gales' new drug store located from a two weeks' vacation spent skin Pharmacists all over the country are planning to attend the meeting August.

Great fretnicncy of heart murmurs and of irregularity of the acne pulse. While a good shadow might be taken as conclusive evidence of the existence of a stone, the absence of a shadow did not necessarily mean that no stone was present. Recent observation seems to indicate the presence of radium in many waters and further experiments may show this element in mineral waters very As springs of mineral water are becoming more accessible and facilities are improved for their distant use, they are being more and more agents to the physician in his efforts If your observation discovers "for" a spring of well-defined flow, admirably situated with improbability of contamination, have the water analyzed. There is no doubt that fistula arising after nephrectomy is due to a suppurative process, because nephrectomy done for a renal neoplasm never gives rise to this complication. There is also a board of health, which is intended to watch over the working of the medical art in the city, to prevent all irregularities in the proper method of curing the different classes of disease, by superintending the subordinate medical officers; but without any examining powers. But every eight months the man gets a severe attack of fever, preceded by rigors, and then he passes, to his entire relief, sometimes consciously and at others in an unconscious state, enormous quantities of black, semisolid, feculent matter, which has evidently been accumulating in his intestines use all the while.

Scraping away the endometrium, the uterus should be swabbed out with iodised phenol and packed with iodoform gauze for forty-eight hours. Damage in this instance came from forward movement of the head against the instrument panel or dis j)lacemenl of the instrument panel toward the occupant (cream). Doctor Hobson deserves great credit CHINESE COSMOGONY, WITH EEMAKKS ON THEIB Like the Hindus, the Chinese are supposed to have been originally placed in this world in a state of intellectual and bodily health and purity; but during their residence here they became wicked and depraved, and subject to disease. The endometrium showed changes as described. A tuberculous papilloma develops in the interarytenoid space and is removed. By some it may be thought that we gain but little by the operation if we still leave large cysts unopened. Then they presented opinions before each of the nine reference committees and worked diligently to have Ohio concepts prevail in the AMA House of Delegates. : Effect of health legislation on Walker. Price - alkaline saline waters stimulate peristalsis and increase the flow of blood to the abdomen, the bilepassages being massaged by the former and the diseased mucous membrane benefiting by the latter.