This would last from twentyfour to thirty-six hours, and sometimes forty-eight, after which the stomach would gradually quiet down tab so that of about two hours, until a normal condition was restored, which usually took from two to three days to" The character of the vomit was, first, that of undigested food, followed by a strong and very acid nature of a whitish color, and finally that of a greenish color, qpnsisting principally of bile.

Tiie animals are then checked to determine the type case(s) and the condition of splints, bandages, or other dressing. The speedy recuperative powers of the blood are well known, hence the tests were made a few hours after the first injection and repeated at the end of a goodly use number of injections in the first experiments. Ten years of practice should be considered the equivalent of passage of an examination.

To prevent a second accumulation.

I imagine that at the present day it is allowed that the local changes in so-called muscular rheumatism are independent of a true inflammatory process. His education begins right here, and he will find that all he thought he knew about law,"Ain't so!" as Mark Twain would put it.

The family were considered fortunate in escaping from the burning building, so fsist did the flames advance. Under such circumstances, other remedies must be resorted to. Most of us think of direct stimulation only, but it would be well to bear in mind the indirect methods, if only for the reason that if they do no good they do no harm. The patient's strength rarely requires support; nourishing and unirritating diet is the best restorative. Routlev, Toronto, secretary; iiitortst in these demor.strations has been growing and they have now become a very material part of the Ontario At a special meeting of the Academv, Dr. An infectious, inflammatory disease of the conjunctiva characterized by its resistance to treatment and the production of macroscopic nodules of lymphoid tissue in the palpebral conjunctiva. Upon examination, false motion, mg and deformity over the internal condyle and grating crepitus were found. This disease differs from angina pectoris, in consisting of a darting pain in the region of the heart, without any affection of the respiration; and, in most cases, without any alteration in the heart's beat.

That pedestrian visibility is a key factor is also shown by the lower case-fatality rate seen when light or bright colors were worn by the pedestrian. The first symptom noticed by this patient was shooting pains in both his legs fifteen years ago. Much valuable statistical information is to be found here interposed between the numismatic portions, which are classified in accordance with and so on. Disease in the immediate neighborhood capsule of the hip-joint is about five times as common as in that of the knee. It was also shown that as these small vessels possess no muscular fibres, these changes in their calibre can be attributed to nothing else than a modification of their elasticity, and this modification itself was attributed with equal reason to nervous influence. An operation for removal of a cancerous breast was performed with the utmost attention to antiseptic precautions. I do not personally THE CANADIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION JOURNAL believe in it, for the reason that if any dose sufficient to affect any proportion of the cancer cells is given, the skin is necessarily damaged, for every radiotherapeutist knows that to affect such subcutaneous nodules a dose of at least an erythema must be given. Smith Company in its manufacture.

He states, however, that such injections should not be employed as a routine with Special Reference to Types Occurring During the tion, liduard Joitrain, Paul Bautle.

The patient made an uninterrupted recovery, and left twenty-four hours after the operation the total passed per and then for three days a faint trace of albumen was again observed; after that the urine became and continued normal.

Great prostration of strength; redness of the eyes, flushed countenance; frequent weak pulse; profuse haemorrhages; petechiae and maculae of a dark livid colour; extreme oppression at the praecordia; fetid and involuntary evacuations. Of preliminary tracheotomies I have always been a little shy, having seen the respiration cease instantly in two cases on seizing the 50 trachea with a tenaculum, and twice when the trachea was oi)ened. " As a rule, Hutchison states that the iodides are to be avoided during the early stages of syphilis, but when extensive ulceration is present, iodide of potassium may be given in solution in conjunction with the pill of gray powder, which causes better effect than is obtained from the single administration of the iodide of mercury.