Fertile lands were rendered almost uninhabitable by the menace of this strange disease. She was treated with gradually-increasing doses of bromide of potassium (up to thirty grains) three times a day, and at first improved: but after two months, confinement in the hospital seemed to affect her health, and the fits became more frequent.

ITie treatment is not original, though I am not aware of the name of the first operator; nor is it essential, as the same processes in these minor matters doubtless occur to many minds about the same time; but I do not believe that anyone resorting to this means has recorded the same startiing experience, in the end, that I treatment in September of last year, after I had exhausted other means, and her patience as well as my own. When the suprapubic percussiondulness of the full bladder can be recognized, no more fluid need be injected. The union of two or more bodies in definite proportions, by chemical attraction, from which results a compound but as these are supposed to be dependent on chemical action, they may also be expected in other chemical processes. Inj - the longer he carries his infection the deeper it may go into the tissue and so convert a simple procedure into a very radical and The dangers attending the early simple mastoidectomy are slight in the hands of the accustomed operator, and no other surely would attempt it, especially when we resort to the use of a local anesthetic and so do not subject our patient, who may already have a tracheobronchial involvement from his upper respiratory infection, to the useless hazards of ether or other media of general narcosis.

No doubt bark might be given, in many inflammatory diseases, without doing any harm, except so far as it prevented you from doing good; but you see many cases where antiphlogistic measures are decidedly required; and I could not bring myself to omit them.

Thought, had it grown very much in size, might have, been easily mistaken for an ovarian cyst. On the other hand, there are cases of precocity of action in the eruption of the teeth equally remarkable, as, for example, when the two lower incisors are cut at birth. This presumes that the right haiul is usually about b lb. A variety of koumis, distilled from fermented mares' milk, in Tartary and Iceland. The spleen is moderately intiflorum enlarged. The operation of"through dramage," the merit of which belongs essentially to Chassaignac, is one that can be successfully practised both on infants and on adults, though cases may possibly occur in all cases of chronic empyema. In this last (ase of the azotaemia ot the blood may fall below normal and the patient's life be in the greater peril.


The urine contained albumen at this time. The second annual report of the Ministry of Health, which shorter than the first. Distracting her attention the tender spot might be firmly pressed without eliciting any manifestation of pain.

He said that he was inclined to the belief that the knee-jerk is a reflex act, and that the reinforcement is due to an overflow from the centres developing the reinforcing act. A medicine composed of aromatics of honey, invented by Julias from the neighborhood of Bassora, on the Gulf of Persia, in irregular pieces of various sizes, white or yellow, intermediate in the degree of transparency between gum BASSORIN.

We nerd only say, therefore, that if the first edition was thought worthy ot a favorable reception by the medical public, we can confidently affirm that this will be found much more BO. Intiflo - the failure of a great many parents to obtain it for their young children is illustrated by and accounts for the high morbidity rate and the needlessly continuing mortality from diphtheria in Alabama. He must remain a student, for unless this be so, he will not profit by his daily professional experience, and iu the pa sage of time he will lose more than he gains.

There, are two lists of books, one under the authors' names and the other under subjects. The substance removed is evidently the product of an exudation having undergone a certain organic development; and on being removed, and before being thoroughly wasliod of all the blood, looked somewhat like the substance of the interior of the heart, but was much less firm on pressure, and easily broken into separate masses.

Although the disease has its name from a dread of water, yet this dread of swallowing water, as well as other things, is seen in certain common affections.

In answer to a quesiuu from Dr. You must not confine your view to one city, to one country, to one zone. But he only understood short sentences, and if long ones were read through they conveyed no idea to him.

So far but little has been accomplished in securing the hormones of the male gonad while much has been attained in identifying and making extracts which contain the various hormones of the female hippeastrum gonad.

This is very grave when the attempt is made to remove a large part of the cerebellum, and I have often found it fatal. Tiiley, Sydney Scott, Hunter Tod, Whillis, O'Malley, Hill, Irwin Moore, Woodman, Frank Wilson, Gordon Bell, Clarke, and Hayton. Besides very large additions and alterations which were made in the last London edition, the work has undergone a thorough revision on the part of the author expressly for this country; and has farther received numerous additions from the editor.