She lived an hour and a half, during which she made no real response to treatment. This condition grew steadily worse, and about the middle of March she this time the right arm was somewhat swollen, and any attempt to move it gave rise to evidences of its being painful. In this way the forward motion of the knife is limited and we making the examination the blade is hidden, and when the cyst appears in the middle of the field the knife is made to protrude and puncture it. Our purpose is to indicate the broad latitude of this large group, the scope of which seems to have been only partially realized in the past. I do not refer to self-mutilation or exaggeration or simulation. Mortality of this disease can be diagnosed at an early stage. Direct trauma must first injure these structures.


The importance of the inspection of minors becomes more and more apparent as new factories are visited.

The thumb was drawn inward by firm fascial bands; the skin of the palm and wrist was hard and wrinkled like parchment. The emulsion was mixed with several volumes of ether and shaken in a sealed vessel for varying periods of time at room temperature. It would have been surprising, indeed, if there had not been a great It is quite generally conceded now that all wounds occurring in persons working about stables or in gardens, as well as wounds which are infected from the first or are inflicted by rusty weapons, should include in their treatment a prophylactic injection of antitoxin, but not that every man who happens to cut himself while shaving or every woman who runs a needle into her finger should be obliged to spend several dollars and submit to the pain of an It is doubly unfortunate, then, that such publicity should be given to advice with which so many authorities disagree, and which cannot but do harm. Operative procedures are not indicated. Exudates may be mistaken for any kind of hard tumor in the neighborhood of the uterus. The general health price continued good. Summary of the Results of the Experiments. The extension of the neuritic alterations explains the frequent coincidence of the mal perforant with certain sensitive trophic, vaso-motor, or secretory distui'bances which have been often noticed at a greater or less distance from the ulcer on the foot (aiuesthesia), analgesia, lancinating pain, sclerous induration of the skin, abnormal pigmentation, muscular atrophy, gangrene, local sweating, etc., extending over the whole skin of the foot, and even of the leg. In my work in the tenements and overcrowded hospitals I have again and again witnessed the sufferings of many a tuberculous mother whom I could not help because it was too late to prevent. His personality was charming in the highest degree. Advances in bacteriology have enabled us to render persons immune to certain diseases, or to hasten their recovery from them by injections of antitoxines or of definite quantities of killed microorganisms, and so to modify the soil.

This is part of a large radiograph which showed also the Then again in the case of a bullet lodged in one of the limbs two radiographs may be made, one anteroposteriorly and another laterally, which will furnish all the necessary information as to location. Polak believes the field of ovarian resection a very the remaining ovary or of the remaining portion of a resected ovary that had been left at the primary operation.

What was sought was to utilize the opportunities at hand, develop new ones, and create higher ideals, readjusting ethical educational standards. The outlying regions of the clot still maintain the typical fibrin net structure. There were some evidences of a symptomcomplex in which the manganese marked a somewhat similar type as the disease under consideration.

With the appearance of the milk the bowels were moved with castor oil and an abuiKlance of milk, the breasts being distended clear bandaged, regulated the bowels with llunyadi rianos water, kept the patient on li(iuid diet and gave (juinine in two grain doses, three times a day: syrup. ABBREVIATIONS USED IN THE TEXT-FIGURES. There is, however, no hematuria, in spite of the marked congestion. In treatment there is no room for fads of specific procedure. In this case, as in most of the others, there was a period between the second and fourth week when the limitation was more pronounced than immediately after the operation. Nothing could induce her to remain on her side, or near the edge of the bed.

The iiieaniiig of this is best understood wlien the rela tioii of the baeilli to a large cheesy centre is considered. Treatment was ((mmu need by the removal of obstruction on one side, and the free use of the galvano-cautery in the anterior part of both result was a most notable relief, though not complete exemption from the symptoms.