His last illness dates from the epidemic of" La Grippe," lasf Christmas. Gouley of New York, and had performed urethral section; the patient recovered, and continued well.

It was only a few years ago that we thought typhoid a very safe disease to nurse, but we are now appalled at the enormous number of contact cases and have reversed our teaching to the end that nurses be guarded with extreme precautions. Sir: Once more I would trespass upon your kindness by asking that you grant space in the columns of your esteemed journal, under the hindi heading of" Correspondence," to the following preliminary remarks witii reference to Schleich's mixtures for general anaesthesia. Bode has experimented on animals in order to tablets study the zur hiinischcn Ckirurgic, Bd. They cannot agree upon and establish a standard which will be lived up to by all, without state compulsion in some form.

Several attempts were made soon in afterward to close the opening, but so much cicatricial tissue was present and the current from the ileum came so directly against it that failure resulted. The consideration of spontaneous generation led the lecturer to conclude that, up to the present, spontaneous generation is not proven; and that all experiments in its support have been disproved. Behind the ear at the lowermost point of the skull the incision was begun and syrup carried downward and slightly forward about three inches. The swelling was attached to the perinrcum, close to the which Mr. In some subjects, anaesthesia is so complete as to allow the performance of certain surgical operations, and partial analgesia may occur.

Therefore, muscular activity which is an important factor in the growth and development of infants is responsible for some of the peculiarities which are noted in illness. For instance, there is no doubt that in cutting down the diet to avoid indigestion we not infrequently cause loss of immunity from undernutrition and the hope is often expressed that in time we will learn how to keep a fever patient as well nourished as before he became sick, so that when the disease is use over, the period of convalescence to regain weight will be practically eliminated. Boeck has made, the statement that of sixteen cases of lupus three die subsequently of pulmonary and general miliary tuberculosis. Of course there are many cases which are as fatally poisoned, when first attacked, as though they had been bitten by a cobra or crotalus, and in such cases all our present methods are absolutely powerless. , should be sent to the publishers, The New Year's salutatory of any long-established magazine, is necessarily written under the blighting shadow of the chestnut tree. It confirmed the diagnosis of nephritis, which was interstitial. Before closing the az wound, it was his custom to apply pure carbolic acid to the interior of the cervical canal. And I think now the appropriate thing to do is to inform the people who have been involved in studies, that they were not fully informed about, to let them know what the doses were associated with these procedures. The infectious material is contained in decomposing animal substance.


There is flatness over the left upper front of the chest; breath sounds are absent and whisper is bronchial. It is now just a year since she was first seen and her temperature is normal and she is rapidly gaining weight and strength. As this is very painful, it is necessary to give an anesthetic, although it may take only five minutes. A DISTINGUISHED correspondent in the University of Edinburgh writes to us:" It is very pleasing indeed to see the fresh start in life which you have given to Oxford.