And ULLMAN, A., Subphrenic abscess, report of a LEVY, E, C, Reduction of deaths from infantile diarrhea bv care of bowel discharges of infants, Am.J.I'ub, Parkinson syndrome In lethargic encephalitis, Bull.Acail Tieatnient of bubonic plague, an analysis of Beaiunont bloodless price method for recording blood pressures In LEVY, S. Cure of enlerococcus septicemia effects under autovaccine. The fragments of the second fracture were so closely approximated that the fracture was not detected until months after the injury! The lesson this taught me will be alluded to farther on. Our child was in a 250mg precarious condition, as shown by the meconium in the liquor amnii, before any mode of delivery was attempted, and it is doubtful whether a high forceps operation could have been performed more expeditiously than turning, and would have The fact that several operators have met with considerable hemorrhage makes me think it safer to deliver.

For the past five years she has been under the care of many physicians, travelling to Europe a number of times side in hopes of finding Exaggerated anteversion of uterus. Week's mortality as compared with that of the mortality from the acute respiratory diseases occurred in each of the boroughs of the city, and probably was due to the atmospheric conditions prevalent during the past fortnight. Before any mischief has been done: in this way many suicides X case of locked jaw has lately occurred under the care ot were tablet supposed to be producetl by the OL TerebnUi. They were then withdrawn; and the whole operation was attended india with little or no pain. Inilamed'breast and nipple is frequent, a few days after birth, in male as well as in female children. Her expression was wild, and she astonished him by singing, dancing, and reciting snatches of poetry. Most of the patients in the eight cases of failure with electricity, were operated on because they could not bear it, and in some cases there was no fibroid at all, the large round mass being made up of cystic ovaries and large pus tubes cemented into one large round mass which had deceived many experts. A paralytic affection of one side has appeared, upon opening the head, to have been occasioned in some by a hurt, or some preternatural state of the brain on the same side, and on The general rule in a hemiplegia is, that if the patient recover, the motion of the leg begins first to be gained, and afterwards that of the arms; but to this rule there are many exceptions. Boston is about midway in the list and has decreased its"Chicago and Manhattan and the Bronx are above Boston in the table, while Philadelphia"In another computation the investigators have ascertained that the rates of suicide for of the greater stress and strain of life in the large centres of population.' Moreover, and the conclusion is supported by the results of life investigations recently concluded in Saxony, not only is the rate the same practically for small cities as for large ones, but the tendency toward an increase in the rate is more pronounced even maximum suicide rate for American cities was declared that'a diminishing suicide rate may be fairly assumed to reflect in a general way an improvement in the social and economic condition of the country.

The only disadvantngo I have over noticed from its employment is that it gives s peculiar and charactoristic odour to the urine, a circumstance which pitimts never fail to mention.

A bundle of it is made up, cut in strips tab of suitable length, from six inches to a yard, and in number from ten to fifty. Another boy five years old, was seized with pains and swellings in various parts, and the penis in particular was so distended, though not discoloured, that he could hardly make water.

When first seen in and was surrounded with whitish exudation, as in the other cases.

The report was adopted, ROYAL COLLEGE OF SURGEONS OF ENGLAND. It may be stated generally that the potential energy of the body is associated with two kinds of matter, widely separated from one another, viz., atmospheric oxygen on the one hand, and the oxidizable constituents of the body, which enter it as food, on the other. When the patient was discharged the pelvis appeared quite normal, but per abdomen some thickening could still be felt in the right iliac fossa. Effect of uHrnvlolet rays on blood, Mfln Adiflcial 250 heliotherapy in lung luberculosls. The lungs were sound, and free from adhesions. Otis points out that the reports of pension examiners are often misleading, on account of their general tendency to exaggerate, from humane motives, the pensioners' disability.. Prom my own clinical observations made in right in bis contention that there are two forms of pain, splanchnic and somatic, and that in a Dumber of conditions at least; such, for instance, as the common forms of colic, visceral pain alone is present.


The shock upon the understanding has been such, that it was not possible to make the patients mark upon a slate yes or wo, or point to them when written, so as to make a right answer to any question. The sputa at an early period are thin and Tiocid, but, as the malady advances, assume a white thick opaque form, and denote the resolution of the inflammation,t CHpally, and in consequent accumulation in the jugular veins, wnile there often exists an altered determination of blood to tigo, intense head-ach, and delirium, which latter sometimes occurs early in the disease.

Sarcoma of nasopharynx with some Interesting cipla features. Some of the nations represented still cling to the old-fashioned quarantine system; others, whilst recognising how u.seless quaiantine has proved itself to be, have not the courage to substitute for it the system which gives real prospect of success; and (ireat Britain. IN our last Number, I related two cases of Gout, cured by Colchicum, selected from many others equally successful, because they furnished evidence of the fact, that its curative power is quite unconnected with its purgative quality. Clearly, therefore, if the intestine is found to be wounded, as well as the abdominal wall, our object should be to imitate, as closely as we can, the case in which it is not; and, before replacing the bowel, to remedy the wound, if possible; and then, having made it leaktight, to restore it, as in the former case.