In the intervals between the applications of the nitrate of silver, insufflations with powdered alum were employed.

It would provide that a graduate in medicine of any one of the three gcetts universities of Quebec would, after registration in the College of Physicians and Surgeons of that Province, be entitled to proceed at once to take the examinations of the Dominion Medical Council, while graduates in medicine of other universities, that of Manitoba excepted, would be allowed to take the same examinations only after they had passed the examinations of a Provincial Medical Council. Some;: iiics an plus unusual form of congenital symmetrical deformity of the toes and fingers appears. When the syndrome of increased respiration is much out of the proportion of one to four and there is a decided increase in temperature, in the absence of all other signs of disease usually causing it, the presumption is strongly in favor of pneumonia. After a somewhat lingering illness, he passed peacefully away, leaving a memory of guilelessness and true-heartedness, and will be remembered by many who have been bettered and encouraged by his kindness and help.

The election of office-bearers for the ensuing year took place last week, when the following gentlemen were are all Bachelors of Medicine and Masters of Surgery of Edinburgh The annual series of lectures which are delivered under the auspices of the Health Society of Edinburgh, for the most part by members of Royal Edinburgh, Asylum, Morningside. A purulent fluid spurted out, mingled with gas, which escaped with a bubbling silver canula fitted with a stop-cock, and having a thin piece of caoutchouc so adjusted as to protect the integuments, and keep them from being excoriated by contact with the metallic beak. The remedy is charged with producing a bad effect, for which the physician alone is to blame. Sternberg expressed himself unwilling to admit bikaner as proved the existence of a bacillus malaria?.

Elaborate calculations and the use of refined apparatus are often of less value than common sense observations and the use of the simpler tests.


He was greatly excited: but the only complaint he made was of pain in the shoulder, which was increased by i ghing and the exertion or breathing, which was embarrassed and difficult. The secondarj' hyperemia might easily cause a bloodvessel, already weakened by the destructive process, to give way as the result of an excessive dilatation and lead to alarming, perhaps fatal, hemorrhage.

As such we welcome it, and we congratulate the author on the concise and clear manner in which he has presented to us the gcettb details of this comparatively new addition to our therapeutic As the treatment is directed against auto-intoxication, the result of intestinal putrefaction, the first chapter is devoted to an account of our present knowledge on this subject, and concludes with a short description of the characteristics of the Chapter TT.

Cyanosis and dyspnoea on slight exertion are especially liable to be present, and the degree of ease with which they are induced affords useful evidence as to the baneful effect the high pressure in the pulmonary circulation Infarction of the lungs is frequently met with in the terminal stages of mitral stenosis, and is of grave prognostic significance, as it indicates extreme stasis of the pulmonary circulation (2018).

Flint, Jr., moved that tablet the report of the committee of the whole be laid on the table, on which ayes and nays. In the matter of drugs the policy of the Board of Health, Lunacy, and Charity is to prosecute the manufacturers who should and must know what they put upon the market, rather than the retailers, who may violate the 2017 law unwittingly. The raids on these stench factories will convince their proprietors, and those of similar places, who have been insolently defying Governor Cleveland's orders, that he is really in earnest in the matter, and that they will at last have to pay some respect to the health and comfort of their fellow citizens: gcet. As Anstie says," Pledges" have a tendency to lessen the force of such notions of personal responsibility as he may retain; he is apt to rest his confidence on the oath or formal resolution which he has taken, instead of teaching himself the Morel says that not only is the vice of alcoholic abuse hereditarily transmissible, but it also frequently leads to insanity jammu in the offspring of the drunkard. The lectures are largely attended, and are profusely Some time ago an offer of a sum of money to furnish a hospital in the Hulme district of Manchester, to be under the auspices of the Royal Infirmary, was made to the managers of the latter institution. When this occurs, it is Very difficull to determine whether there is pseudo-membranous or simple laryngitis: bul the progress of the symptoms may furnish presumptive evidence of the nature of the disease we have to deal with.

In General Eiehardson's division, General Howard's brigade lost one hundred and fifteen killed and three hundred and ninety-four wounded; General Meagher's brigade lost four killed and twenty-nine wounded; General French's brigade had thirty-four killed and one hundred and eighty-one wounded, and the batteries had eight wounded; a total of seven hundred and sixty-five. The danger is increased by the ignorance of some, and the want of In other cases, persons who, though physicians, are strangers to our art act in a way still more disastrous. Other customs have died a natural death with time or want of persecution, but circumcision in peace and in war has held its own from the misty epochs of the Stone Age to the present. He also specifies as allowable, among the entremets, artichokes, cabbage, with sauce, oil, gravy containing gluten Hour, or Parmesan cheese: oman.