Necessary, however, as this step might be, it was not more useful in practice than the measure of passing a fine chromic catgut suture subcutaneously through the base of the septum and the base of the ala on the involved side, which when tied would draw and hold these attachments in the proper relationship for the establishment of a normal narrow nostril. The disorders of the ocular apparatus are not always and solely exophthalmic. She stated that she felt that this son was a good boy and that if he had done what he was accused of having done, he must have been On psychiatric examination, the patient appeared his stated age. In no country was its social status higher.


Then, again, "side" as an appendage to the hospital system, there has grown up a vast mass of dispensaries, special hospitals, refuges, etc., some of which are genuine and useful institutions, while the rest shade off into every conceivable grade of irregularity. He shall be custodian of all record books and papers belonging to the Society, except such as properly belong to the treasurer, and shall keep account of and promptly turn over to the treasurer all funds of the Society which come into his hands. This has undergone several modifications as regards its length, the shape of the distal end, and in the form and extent of the The materials employed in the construction of such specula are usually metal or glass, and exceptionally, wood, ivory, hard rubber, or porcelain; their interior faces are polished or silvered, so as to secure a bright reflection. The bowels should be kept open If the cold applications to the neck do not give relief, or if they are not agreeable to the patient, apply hot water or poultices and give hot gargles, or let the patient gargle with hot tea. Do not use as a primary diagnosis when cause can be determined. Surgeons with the rank of Colonel are to be styled Assistant Surgeons-General, and those with the rank of Lieu tenant- Colonel, expressed the opinion to the Legislature that the State Board of Health has not produced results worth the money expended on it, suggesting that it might as well be done away with! Society, and author of"The Annals of Tennessee," who died peacefully eighty-eighth year.

Used this sufficiently often to speak in its favor. Box or parcel, a notice reading as follows:"This package (or bottle or Imx or parcel as the ease may be), contains (here give the in name and proportion or percentage of the drug as the case may be), and is therefore under the Act of the Legislature of the State of marked and also the single separate word"poison" which shall be printed separately on a line by itself. Al side; there was no rigidity of any limb; sensation was acute; reflex excitability was gone, but irritation of the soles of the feet gave much discomfort, there being no reflex discharge (an interrupted yawn) (hindi). The pathology, therapeutics, and morality are, I believe, all most bad; experience has taught me quite otherwise; and, besides, if you allow yourself to he once, why not ten times? There are cases in casuistry in which you may be driven to make a statement that is not true, but they almost never occur in medical practice; and the only justification of this conduct is the avoidance of a graver falsehood, for there are degrees of importance of lies. The infant was apparently well-nourished and healthy, save that the breathing from the first was tab markedly diaphragmatic; she had no special ailment until within two days of her death. If we follow the history of this part we find that shortly after the entrance of the spermatozoon into the ovum the middle piece becomes surrounded by a light area which grows steadily in size and becomes very conspicuous, in that effects the granules of the egg protoplasm arrange themselves radially about it. Bread and vegetables rich in starch should also be used in moderate quantities (gabapin). There is not a word in it in reference to meats, eggs, poultry, fish, or shell-fish. From a sanitary -standpoint, the diluted privy contents are as safe for discharge through the sewer as is the sewage of the community.

These tanks are lined with Roman cement, and filled with water, which is renewed as often as the slightest alkaline is covered with fullers earth, in which are planted several aquatic plants. She called them bilious attacks, and said that at first they came on.about every six months, and often Listed a fortnight; but that for the last few inonths"they medicine been more walking she felt giddy, and staggered a little; but this passed off in a few seconds. When admitted, the tumour measured three inches and a half in the vertical, and four inches and a half in the transverse diameter- it extended "100" from the clavicle to close upon the angle of the jaw.

Here is an instance of the destruction of more than half of the stomach, without the escape of alimentary substances into the peritoneum. This condition should be distinguished from the sleeplessness existing generally in all cases of organic disease, or painful affections.

Before returning to Wales, his native country, he left a certificate with me (as a voluntary effusion of gratitude), stating the benefit he had received under my care. Of Medicine and Surgery.) early in February last, laboring under the unfortunate, painful, and _- infirmity of vesico- vaginal fistula, Her garments were constantly wet; the vaginal cavity, labia and thighs bathed with urine, in an erysipelatous condition, and exquisitely tender. Me - there is science even in debauchery, and those who live for sensual pleasure only may get most for their investment (of health, time and money) by observing some restraint. The neutrophilic increase was unimpressive, and the platelets remained low despite therapy.

"In many of the cases that I have seen of ulceration in the virgin female, tbe most prominent symptom has been dysmenorrhoea carried to an extreme degree. "The upper third or head of the appendix was enlarged and dilated to such a degree that externally it was of the size and shape of a large plum; its cavity, deeply injected, was irregular in its surface, and would admit the little finger. In exceptional cases only, where the emergency will not permit sufficient delay to obtain advance authority, the Bureau will, upon receipt of prompt report and reasonable justification as to the necessity and urgency for the action taken, give subsequent approval therefor.