Cold water, externally, at first stimulates reflexly heat production, with slight rise of temperature, increased carbonic acid elimination and contraction of the vessels and muscles of the skin.

Zinc ointment is used externally in the form of a dusting powder, ointment or paste. A careful resume of the published literature on the action of the arc electric light. The activity of the marrow seems to increase as other hematopoietic organs are destroyed, as for instance in powder the case of dogs whose spleen has been removed, the number of leucocytes originating in the marrow is much augmented. Thus defects in tooth structure information produce malnutrition and vice versa. He called attention to the close association of the sphenoidal sinus to drink these nerve trunks, and to the fact that the inflammatory processes were transmitted through the thin bone separating the cavity of the sphenoid from the associated nerve trunks; if he was right in this assumption it was necessary that the anatomical associations be formed in early life as an explanation of such headaches beginning at this time. They condemn drugs they have never used or seen used, but which have been effective in other hands, for no particular reason or because the side head of their dispensary condemns it. The contraction of the velum upon the finger may be mistaken for a tumor, but these growths always lie behind, and, if the finger is pressed up, as suggested by Lennox Browne, and the lower portion of the septum is felt and traced up, the tip of the finger will impinge upon the growth, and the exploration can be completed by feeling the right and left lateral walls. Bailey of the third and fourth days). Sixth day, morning temperature was up all day and had two nearly natural jucy passages. Allen's story is well worth bearing in mind in any further investigation into the etiology of this disease. Pavy, in which we find the following statement:"It may now be regarded as an accepted conclusion that vaccine lymph is the virus of smallpox, modified by transmission through the cow." If it be not rank heresy to throw doubts on a conclusion accepted by such high authorities in human medicine as Dr. Joint Meeting, Held on 2kcal November n, iQiS. In this way I have seen a case of dislocated patella recover without perceptible swelling. The experiments also have shown that the lungs of animals infected with Bacterium pneumosintes are less resistant than normal lungs to infection with ordinary bacteria. Broughton-Alcock's impression from experience is that great protein value lies in large doses. This genitive case can be formed a ball. Even after death nutritional the victims of an accident might receive lesions. He quotes Xonne and Schiile as to the positive cure of paresis with seeming approval, but admits that possible relapses should always be reckoned with in giving a prognosis of apparent cure.

This test is based upon the following reaction: per cent, of a known quantity of oxybutyric acid being lost in its conversion into crotonic acid: effects.


-The British MedicalJournal announces that subscriptions in France and other countries for a statue of been selected as the sculptor, and the site for the statue will probably l)e usa the space between the Rue de MCdicis and the spent in the erection of statues of Pasteur in various parts of Prance. Three drachms of boric acid may be given daily to dogs, without causing any untoward effect. There is no allusion to Freud anywhere in the text. Third, or inferior maxillary: sensory to external auditory meatus, side of head, mucous membrane of mouth, anterior twothirds of tongue, lower lip. Polyps and other tumors frequently cause it.

We had to distinguish between attic adhesions and peritoneal defects common in the upper part of the abdomen, and also to distinguish between such adhesions and the more recently described Lane's kink and Jackson's membrane, which apparently belonged in the same toxic category. Dm - then the dean blare of the trumpets the Doctor's cap was placed Men were intolerant enough to make the conferring was against the Christian religion, and was a dishonor medical faculty in Jena, which for a long time had been allowed to announce as doctors only students of the Augsburg confession, received permission to admit Jews for study and for graduation. The terms of the members of this board are year each.

.-Vgainst the one there are constant warnings, but the mischiefs of the timid and officially restricted prescriber are rarely recited." To rectify thitendency, it would seem advisable to have it plainlv energy stated that each dose is the"pharmaceutical dose." indicating that it is not to be slavishly followed, thus affording to the dispenser advantages which it is the function of the phannacopeia to provide.