With the facilities for prompt treatment, it would seem possible to convert the majority of compound fractures into simple fractures by primary suture. There is evidence enough to show that the public water supply may be contaminated with typhoid bacilli, and thus water of the river with tab fecal matter from typhoid cases, three and a quarter miles above the pumping station, is a case in point. In one year from accidents alone it is over four times as large as the entire casualties among our troops on the battle fields in Europe. The finding of bacteria or fungi with the microscope itself proves but little. The control of hsemorrhage by means of cauterizing has been in use many rf Disturbances in the cells and blood cells of livmg tissues are often manifestations of different degrees of temperature. There was also quite a large amount of effusion in the ventricles. Side - surgeons who furnish evidence, by diploma from a medical college or university, or by cernflcate of examination from an authorized board, which satisfies said censors that the person presenting such credentials has been, after due examination, deemed Qualified to practice the branches mentioned in such diploma or certificate. Robin has made a series of trials with a glycero-phosphate of his own invention (dose). What is more, in this expansive growth, either by extension along the lymph channels, or by erosion and rupture of a surface membrane or of the walls of a vessel, certain of these actively growing cells may become detached from their fellows and, becoming conveyed to a distance either by the lymph stream or by the lymph or other fluid bathing a surface, or by the blood stream, may become arrested in some locality where conditions favor, or do not prevent, their continued growth, and there multiplying, they develop new tumors of the type of the parent growth. His predecessor in the same industry used tetanus antitoxin on every puncture wound due to nails and on all severe lacerated wounds. Keith has abandoned the use of the spray, but is not inclined to the "dosage" use of the method so much as formerly.

"Ignorance and lack of understanding of English are important factors to be considered in discussing the relation between the immigrant employee and industrial medicine. External support should be secured by a plaster-of-paris bandage, and when necessary a fenester cut opposite In complying with the wishes of our distinguished chairman, to keep within the ten minute line, it will be seen that I have chosen rather to support the existing practice, than to compile the literature of the subject, and if more attention shall be directed to methods of suture of the soft parts, in addition to bone fixation, the paper will have served its purpose (effects).

The acidosis of diabetes was due "foltanx" to the abnormal metabolism of fats and possibly proteins as carried on in the absence of sufficient carbohydrates.


Cloudy swelling manifests itself in the active of the body, the muscles and the main excretory glands; in the latter case, in evident connection with the removal from the blood of toxic matters. Instant, after it is out of the hand; whatever has been left after use, should be at once thrown into the sink, or carried out into the street or road, broken, poured out or scattered. As it was only an advisory body however, it could not enforce these methods. With a hundred industries carrying on a comprehensive system of Industrial medicine to-day it is conceivable that during the next If the states will only provide adequate sanatoria care for these cases, the greatest advance will be made in eradicating this greatest The Industrial Surgeons' Committee of the Council of National Defense has proposed a program for the complete supervision of health of the industrial army during this crisis through which the nation is now passing. The second case was been hemorrhage into the pedicle and into the wall foltene of the tumor. This box is divided into four compartments: a large one for the various sized dressings, a smaller one for bandages, the tourniquet and a spool of adhesive plaster, a third compartment just large enough to hold the container for the iodin and applicators placed in conspicuous places throughout the working place. This occurs not merely at the periphery, but throughout the mass, in the central parts as well as toward and at the periphery. Meharry Medical Department of Central Tennessee College, Nashville. ) Remarks ou rheumatism and Begbie ( J. An intermediate position between the two; they are replacement-fibroses to the extent that they replace the fibrinous coagulation, proliferative in that they are tissue where previously no tissue proper existed. The tumors were quite vascular, and several of the older cases were mistaken for bone aneurisms; seven were said to in the ingredients sternum and ribs, left os ilium, and left femur each in i case; in the fourth case a primary tumor of the left humerus gave rise to a secondary growth on the nose. When we come to study the histology of these cases we meet with great variations in individual cases. His wife was at once vacinated. A Boston ship-owner, while on the deck of one of his vessels, thought he would" lend a hand" in some emergency; and pulling off his coat, worked with a will, until he perspired free Iy, when he sat down to rest awhile, enjoying the delicious breeze from the sea. Besides the immediate advantage to the patient of the bloodless operation, the method becomes of vast service to the surgeon under circumstances where deep dissections are necessary, as for the removal of tumors or foreign bodies, or in searching for a deeplyseated wounded vessel.