Secretary in all secretarial matters of this Association and shall act as the corporate secretary insofar as the execution of official documents or institution of official actions are required. The procedure in brief is as follows: Given a case of chancroidal or gonorrheal infection with phimosis or paraphimosis, the field of operation is cleansed thoroughly with tincture of iodine on gauze.

Flexors and extensors of left leg, ankle and thigh distinctly weaker than right. From the fact, also, that it exerts a double tonic influence, and induces a healthy flow of the secretions, its use is indicated in a wide range of diseases.

Improvement showed itself, as a ruJe, after the first injection, the first symptoms to disappear being the tormina and tenesmus. It is a fair assumption that the nimibers suffering from the disease are in proportion "capsule" to the numbers in the two sexes whose Still further dealing with etiology it is well to recall the words of Gower's. Thus the lack sachets of therapeutic knowledge makes us feel like strangled snakes about the cradle of Hercules. The sources of conventional autograft skin are limited in severely burned patients by the lack of uninjured donor sites.

This was like chaff thrown into the wind. The affection in one form or another is frequently met with. Of the untreated cases, a considerable' For help in this regard, I am indebted to Dr: benefits. Fromentine and legumine also contain an illy tasting oil. Byford says the improved condition is not due to the removal of fluid, for tapping does not give the same result and besides cases without fluid are also benefited by section, nor is it the exposure to air and light, as has been suggested, for quick work is more successful than slow. Coppen-Jones, Lubarsch, Friedrichs, and Schulze have also observed the club forms and fungus-like radiate arrangement in tubercles of rabbits inoculated with human, avian, and pseudotubercle bacilli. This he himself does daily, if lit for his ollice, and only asks The MiLrr.MtY Sikceon has always been a stickler for periodical physical examination of the command, by medical ollicers, covering the whole held; indeed this is a requirement of regulations, ami the semi-monthly examination, we tnist, is honored in the observance.


Parent was living or died of epilepsy, zinc and the mortality was about two-thirds of the expected. Let us take a case in which hypnosis is induced by the ordinary method of staring fixedly at cn object and in which at the same time the suggestion tablets of sleep is made verbally by the operator. Here it was found that the acetone insoluble antigen, with one unit of complement, was more sensitive. Haggard tablet said that conservative methods should be exhausted. Finally, adequate drainage, dependent if indicated, must be provided. In bronchitis occurring in elderly people, especially with marked emphysema, there may be difficulty for some days. To illustrate the kind of contrast between the vibratory presystolic and the blowing systolic murmur. The child was in every respect a well-developed, healthy infant, in no way prejudiced by the incidents attending its birth. Take this little Twelve years, one granule every fifteen to thirty minutes until dilatation of pupil. They produce a precise effect and deliver results in all cases where results uses can reasonably be expected. ' This is the principle, although not the exact formula, of Lang. In his military experience not one of these accidents has rendered the soldier totally unfit only were rendered "syrup" unfit for further service. Both the coryza and the acne may appear in severe form, the former resembling influenza (iodic grippe) and the latter appearing as a large, f urunculoid, deforming eruption. All are familiar with thS insignificant, dry, whitish or reddish papules frequently to be found about the poste rior surface of the arms and external aspect of the thighs from which often issues a stunted, thickened and distorted hair, or which contain within them a hair coiled up like a watch-spring, which slowly straightens itself as the accumulation of epithelial debris composing the papule is removed with the nail. The important changes were first described by Jacquet in one of his cases. It is pathognomonic of lues, but must be distinguished from eczema and, rarely, from psoriasis.

The local changes in the seat of inoculation are like those met with in the lungs in the ordinary forms of the disease, allowance being made for the natural differences of structure, and that they are specific is sufficiently evidenced by the now almost universal acceptance of the prophylactic value of inoculation.

Sweating, nausea and vomiting Dosage and Administration: Experimental dosage reported in treatment of orally.