The subcutaneous tissues and fascia being divided with the knife, the remainder of the dissection was made with a director down to the oesophagus. It is usually 400 obtained in commerce from its derivative, hippuric acid, contained in the urine of the Herbivora. A mg fungus growing on a tree, substance obtained from the seeds of the Bursera (seu Hedu-iyia, vie de Kulaml. He mentioned the fact that the average patient needed not medicine nor operations, but better food, better clothing, better hygiem'c surroimdings. Griscom and the authorities of New York.

The climate is mild and equable, but rather moist; and, as a winter residence, it holds out advantages for those only that appear to demand such a condition of the atmosphere.


Chemistry, physics, aud biology were oon.iuually becoming more closely allied to clinical work. ADDISON stated that he' had conferred with the Chancellor of the Exchequer, who shared his opinion that it would be difficult in order that no opportunity of a friendly adjustment the Chancellor concurred after much hesitation, that tho Government should agree to refer the matter to arbitration on the lines requested by the Insurance Acts Committee. In cases of deep and penetrating wounds, as of the abdomen or chest, a thread is attached to them by which they may be readily withdrawn, and be prevented from passing altogether into those cavities. It also gives off the inferior suprarenal and the Central retinal a., ARTERIA nasales retinae superiores and inferiores, ARTERLE temporales retinae superiores and inferiores, ARTERIJE ofloxacino maculares retinae superioies and inferiores, and ARTERIA mediana retinae. The matrons and sisters should be thoroughly well trained British Nurses, with a.salary and prospects of pension which will induce women of native staff (other than nursing) for assisting the doctors is insufficient. Indeed, it is worthy of consideration whether the convenience and reputation of physicians, and the health and lives of the people, would not be better secured if.the profession would relinquish entirely the use of the mysterious characters, and abbreviations from a dead language, which now confound the unlearned apothecary, and Your notice of this communication would do justice to an able expositor of this science, and would Reporter a denial is made of the assertion of Dr. This (Irengthening plan ought to be continued until the efehar has loofened around the edges, when it may be lelTened, by taking lefs animal food, but mould not be totally defifted from until the wound is quite free from the dead parts; when, inftead of giving much ftrengthening food to fupport the difcharge, lie ought to be put upon rather a Uriel: diet than otherwife, by- which means the fungus is prevented, and the cure will proceed with fuch a degree of quicknefs as to aftonifh the furgeon, mould he have been accuftomed to view the flow progrefs from the former methods or" To the foregoing ingenious obfervations are annexed feveral cafestreated by the author; the firft of thefe we (hall prefent to the reader as beft calculated to fliew an inftance of the author's remedy x in his own hands. Except scrofulosis, with a perpetually recurring erysipelas, till her twenty-first year, she had no special ailment, but she has since suffered from anorexia, gastrodynia, aphonia, borborygtui alone remained healthy. Wilson: Decerebrate Ricidity in Man and the Occurrence of Standpoint of a" Deficiency Disease." North-Hart London Post-graduate College, Prince of Wales's Tlie charge for inserting announcements of Births, Marriages, and notice not later than the first post on'I'uesday morning in order to ensure insertion in Die current issue. The Brancli come provisionally to the conclusion that, to deal effectively with the evils of contract medical practice as aifecting the profession, there should be in South Africa an association of medical practitioners of a national character; that the Articles of Association of such a body could be drawn up in such a manner as to include the objects of a dolinite trade union; tliat a national medical association could c.-cpect to include in its membership"every medical man practising in South Africa"; that the proposed South African Medical Association might both be alearued body, bringing together its members for interchange of professional and' scientific views, and a union for protecting the interests of the profession; and that, if such a body were formed, it might be possible to arrange"some sort of affiliation with the British Medical Association, tliough at present there was no machinery for Buch a purpose in the British Medical Association Articles." British Medical Association throughout tlio Empire. Place, in order to give better service to insured persons was not so generally accepted.

In the Navy the environment in which the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery places its medical personnel and supplies is planned in detail by the Bureau of Yards and Docks for naval hospitals and for sick bays in navy yards and naval stations, and by the Bureau of Construction and Repair for hospital ships and for the sick bays of naval vessels. The superficial wounds should be opened up freely so that the interior may be cleansed and a thorough search made for foreign bodies, especially tags of clothing. They are a nutritious and wholesome food, especially and purged of the possible injurious vegetable substances they may have ingested.

At least the use of arsenicals and mercurials in association, with few exceptions, comprise the basis of modern systems of treatment. Occasional cold perspirations in night.

Was called, and consulted as to the feasibility of abdominal section and removal of the tumor. Silvestri concluded that while in tho male patients there was a slight diminution of the fits was an increase in the number of both. On differing limbs which have been amputed for white fwellings, the original difeafe appears to have been a morbid thickening ot the furrounding ligaments, without any other affection of the of a thick glairy matter, which gives to fwellings of this kind an elafhic fpringy feel, independent of the collections of matter the fluctuation of which may alfo be perceived.

Chairman; Sir Richard Vassar Smith, Bt.

Sometimes, in the more incomplete seizures, there is a persistence of natural cries throughout their whole duration. 200 - its root U fleshy and eonioal. It occupies ofloxacina the space between the antitragus and anthelix.