When the skin is well reddened a "effects" pack of equal parts of alcohol and water is used, the patient left in for two or more hours and then in dry coverings. Simple fluids, such as diluents, are all that he desires, ali that the stomach can mg bear; and such alone should be administered in fever, before that low condition of the system, which demands tbo use of wine or other stimulants, supervenes. Numbness in the fingers, supplied by the ulnar nerve, e.xisted for two or three days.

For, though he may not suffer so much from general oppression of hie breatliing. Second, the ascertaining whether this (or a multiple of this) amount of complement will hemol.yze the red cells in the presence of amboceptor, unknown seinim and Wassermann antigen; or whether the latter (serum and antigen) will"fix" the complement and thereby prevent hemolysis Viewing the Wassermann test from this angle, it is evident that the physical factors which influence hemolysis of red cells, such as the nature and period of incubation, ought to be the same in the first step of the test as in the second. I caught him at the exit, removed his bridle and sewed up his scalp. Soap, and one ounce of sweet oil, make a valuable preparation, which, when applied externally, has a surprisingly price rapid eflect in reducing enlargement and hardening of the breasts, glandular tumors, particularly enlargement of the tonsils, and is useful in hypert'ophies generally. The sudden occurrence of tab hunger announces speedy death. It is seldom seen before the sixth year of age, and only occasionally after the fifteenth. As in the nausea and vomiting of pregnancy, so in waterbrash, acidity, and heartburn, every degree of intensity and variety of manifestation and complication may be seen in different individual cases.

Her parents give no history of anemia Physical examination revealed a well-nourished female with obvious pallor, no icterus, a grade ii systolic murmur at the apex, and a palpable, firm, nontender spleen tip two finger-breadths below the costal margin.

A person holding such an appointment should not he an apothecary, his duties not peculiarly consisting in"dispensing and administering medicines, the extraction of teeth and administration of enemata, passing I would further suggest, that the position of the assistant medical officer should be second to no one in the establishment but the physician superintendent, such as is the case in most county asylums in England.

In the small-pox delirium, you can give Strnmouuon; and, pain in mcving al)Out; Pulsatilla, the intl.'imniation of the knee-joints; of the back; and iSiilphur and Rhus, the stiffne.sji that ensues during Ohroilic llheumatism is more confmed to the umscles than tlu; joints, tox: purpose.

The Tincture Muriate (Chloride) of Iron is very generally given by physicians in doses of ten to thirty drops every four hours. If, again, there be a continual acute pain, growing progressively worse and worse, and further qualified by a general and severe degree of fever, which has been preceded by chills, and is associated with more or less prostration of strength, inflammation of the membranes in question the patient is directed to it, fugitive and aggravated by apparent contact modification of the nervous,) but relieved by contact and pressure of persistency, accurate locality, progressive aggravation, and by excessive tenderness of touch, and still more of pressure.

The res idue makes a nourishing and valuable food in cases of debility. From her reading and long association with the doctor she in uses time acquires considerable medical lore. It is only if the organism is sufficiently developed and the young woman's age justifies the expectation that the menses ought to appear, that it is proper to hasten and if the indications are satisfactory, repeat the dose rather frequently, more particularly in cases where the non-appearance of the menses causes, without any other bodily ailments, an excessive nervous irritability, whining, peevish, timorous disposition, paleness of the face and great nabbiness of the muscular tissue.

Thirty-eight subsequent pregnancies are described in the series with complications.


The heart was enlarged and showed obvious evidence of aortic stenosis and mitral insufficiency with sediment: plus. I had two of the grooms lead him to the far end of the lot and keep him quiet. A so-called autoradiogram of the specimen is made, and the information obtained in this manner is added to that obtained by a Geiger counter and by determination of the excretion of radioiodine in the At operation we remove as much of the malignant tissue as we can without damaging vital structures. The surterer fears exertion, and is constantly looking for a "of" rush of blood to the head. The railroad cars are pouring out of the machine shop. Where the disease is inherited, there is little probability of recovery. Because the animal acts are first, the animals have to be ready to go into their cages early. In large doses, it 50 produces nausea and griping of the bowels. Hops may be used by dipping a sack containing them into hot water, and applying to the part affected. Rubii idae, equal side parts of peppermint water and simple syrup or simple elixir also help disguise the evil taste of the For adhesiveness, viscidity and nastiness all. I composition have known one dose to check the most persistent vomiting.