In children; the results of expectant treatment l'rom a (R. I diagnosticated a cortical hemorrhage of the left hemisphere, pressing on the arm and face centres. Three drachms to an ounce would be considered known to produce death in an adult.

He has a very retentive memory, not alone for early events, but for recent happenings, and recent books and periodicals, recalling names and dates, which are usually first forgotten in senile mental impairment. As the saliva, the nasal, conjunctival, and intestinal mucus are highly charged with tlie virus, it is readily spread by the conveyance of these secretions to healthy animals, by many direct and indirect into general, constitutional, and local.


Acuording as the nervnus sjsteai, on which aliine the; ai't, is susceptible or nthenrise. It was found that the external rectus was completely divided, just at the part where it was beginning to be tendinous; that the muscle tab strong band of cellular tissue.

Regarding the text, the author has achieved his aim quite well, although some objection niaj- properly be made to the relative amount of space given to diflerent topics. ) The court of Cacus; or, the Lobstein (J.-F.) Compte rendu a la Faculte de meclecine de Strasbourg sur les travaux anatomiques executes a l'amphitheatre de cette son museum anatomique.

This, of course, would exempt many of the younger children from the long, tedious walks necessitated by attending central schools. The special train will not be run unless at least fifty passengers are secured from the Eastern Territory and the New England States. Jahresbericht des Prasideuten far das Deutschlands; eiu Verzeichniss des in Deutschland vorliaudeneu anthropologischen Materials nach Beschluss der deutscheu anthropologischen Appeara as supplement to the: Archiv fiir Anthropologic, Braunschweig, as indicated below: CONTENTS (so far as published).

The vomiting is a result of the cerebral anemia. For obvious reasons a male dog would not do so well. It was in the first part of Sej)tember, and in those who approached the neighborhood of their house. Bouillv, of Paris, read a long communication on this subject, basing his conclusions upon a study of upward of fifty cases observed during a period of the three recent to be used in judging of the remote consequences of the operation. No reference will be made to chemical and spectroscopic examinations. We must either suppose the stimulus of the food, which produces the same effect, to flDperfluous, which appears to me the better alternative.

It was therefore excluded from consideration as being concerned in the The Tetragonus Febris Flavse of Dr.

If there is increased fonnation of this acid no harm results so long as er it is promptly eliminated and the ratio between it and the urea is not disturbed. Certainly Croesus is never more flattered than when treated as possessing knowledge, education,, and the refinement it brings. Furstenheim agreed with the speaker that nothing could be expected of electrolysis in cases in which retention of urine was always present after micturition. Having performed this, their function, In the Eiyhth Profjotition it is stated of Neurotics, or ncrremedicioes, that they act by pnssing out of the blood to the lerves, which they influence. Now, medullated fibers of the cord differ histologically from medullated fibers of the peripheral nerves in that the former do not possess a neurilenuna.

It seems to be established that the beta type includes the most actively pathogenic streptococci, yet these organisms are in the minority in the types of sputum which we have studied and the flora of this type is not completely constant in successive samples of sputum from the same source; hence a vaccine including only this type and leaving out the many strains of the other types.would seem to be incomplete. Mayo Robson, of A girl, aged ten, without preceding illness, began to have but was still present a month later when admitted to the hospital. It now seemed an epithelioma Cicatrization from the edges now began to show.

Tbe relief of pain and the production of sleep, are about the commonest and the most grateful of the oEBces which fall to the lot of the physician; and in either case apium, or one certain caution and care must be exercised, even in tlie administration of this moat useful remedy.