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The sac, however, as well as the sternum, had been ulcerated at two points; that is, on each side of the upper bone and at its broadest part, sa as to form two excava tions, in wlilcli the bone was bare, equal in size to the end of the little tinger. In the irritation, however, attendant upon, and kept up hy, ulceration of the cornea, this monition has been carried to a mischievous length; we must, in this case, seek relief in the means best calculated to induce the healing process, and we are assured that, by the application of the nitrate of silver, deposition of lymph, so essential to our object, is most effectually produced; that the extreme of the nerves, is obtunded, and an almost stantaneous remission of morbid intolerance of light and irritation attained.

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