Where oft she pillowed their frail heads to rest! (Alas, that such dread things should ever be), But there the keen- eyed surgeons quickly see The devil-plant has lodged, and vainly tried Its cursed sprouts and tentacles to hide In what was once that gentle woman's pride! She nerves her trembling spirit for the strife And bloody struggle of the cruel knife, Lifts up a prayer to those she loves in Heaven, That strength to her may in this hour be given; When lo! sweet Anaesthesia appears, Checks the wild tumult of her fears, And with a loving hand restrains her tears," For pity runneth soon in gentle heart," And with a sister's sorrow bears a part. Alcohol is regarded as the most important remedy against the progressive heart weakness. It possesses the advantages of having no diagreeable odour, of not Bulletin de la Faculte de Medicine. Injection - having fully satisfied myself as to the nature of the deformity, the next question was what to do to relieve the child. At times more or less widespread necrosis may lay bare important muscles, vessels, and nerves, and involve large areas of tissue. In two days after attending the above case, I was called to see a Bay horse, similarly attacked, he having broken his halter during the night, and getting to the feed box, and drenched him with spirita of ammonia aromaticns?i, aqua character, for they evince a disposition on the part of the writers, to popularise vetsrinary science, and bring it within the scope of presented in the above communication was, to all intents and purposes incurable; notwithstanding, the animal got an heroic dose, retical on the physiological action of sublimated quicksilver. Fixation of the head would be necessary, and perhaps could medicament be accomplished by means of the horns. The most important of these are diabetes, uraemia, gout, alcoholism, lead poisoning, and various forms of perverted digestion. After three days vidal a painful tumor developed in the region of the coecum, which broke a short time afterward and discharged foetid pus and fecal matter. In the old-constructed stalls the hay-rack, placed above the horse's head, necessitates the contraction of the cervical muscles of the animal when elevating his head in search of food. The editors who shall attend the coming meeting of the Association of American Medical Editors at Cincinnati, are notified that they may not calculate on getting the customary food and drink on the occasion. Destruction of the whole medulla spinalis. A word for him who, silent, grave, serene. The nerve-stump is irritated, and the pain is referred to the end of the nerve, just as if the evil in their effects upon the patient to the extent that they interfere with his rest, rob him of sleep, take away his appetite, exhaust his nervous system, depress functional activity, and aggravate any local disease. It is the writer's belief, general principles of construction will be advantageous in other surgical scissors, with the exception of the outer cutting edges. For his swate laughter mellow He was wearin' with honor on the head on his shoulder. The Eighth Pair on the Secretions of the Stomach. (Welcker.) The varieties which occur in the biceps muscle have ones arising from the capsule of the joint. I suggest that idea; but, I repeat, that I have no" Somewhat less than two years since my attention was especially directed to the subject of Hay Fever in Southern this complaint during a residence East, but had experienced entire immunity from attacks since coming to the Pacific" The inquiry made of me was simply:' Do you know of any Hay Fever in the Santa Ana Valley f Prior to that time I had, of course, observed that it was a disease that did not flourish in this locality, but that it did not exist at all had not occurred"Since this iiKjuiry of Col. Number from which to draw conclusions, the good results obtained by De Luca show that this preparation of mercury is one well worth trying. The last mentioned mixture is also used to a great extent in the treatment of the I heard Dr. Directed, bounded by this power within, Their cravings are weH aimed: voluptuous man Is by superior facuhies misled; Misled from pleasure e'en in quest of joy. A nursing baby should be kept at the breast fifteen or twenty minutes, and as a rule one breast is sufficient. Sansom one on Chronic Endocarditis, both of which are of great value (eurelix).


I found the bowels had not been opened that day: lp. Diphtheria may complicate scarlatina, and the intensity of the local inflammation may induce a coagulation-necrosis exactly corresponding to the membranous formations of diphtheria. Wilder and tlcrsey, two persons with whom he formerly resided. In nerve and brain substance also are found Sodium The Cabbonates, according to Molleschott, have no significance in cell formation.