The causes and kinds of consumption are so numerous, and physicians making no distinctions between them, but treating all alike, when each should receive its distinctive medicine, that it is not at all to be wondered at that most fail of doing the patient any good.


When we came to question her we found she had been l)uying headache powders and taking tliein now recall and I do not think we ever hud them analyzed to know exactly what they contained, but they probably contained some of the coal tar derivatives. The visiting surgeon is also director of the surgical department of the dispensary, nominating the surgeon in charge of this service.

When he reiforted to this measure, he was astonidked to find the cervix, which had been"Keid befcnv tbe Centml Eautaeky Medictl AiMclaUon closed upon its contents, while the only indications of contraction were a hardening of the womb at short intervals. In the course of acute infectious fevers less saliva is secreted, the mouth becomes dry and hot, and in this manner local infection and invasion are favored: in. An error would mean that expenditures under the fee schedule would fail to match anticipated outlays for that year. Hamilton would recommend warmth variously TffE AMERICAN PRACTITIONER AND NEWS.

The enlargement was, in general, smooth, affecting the length as well as the volume, and had existed about four year.s.

It stands cool, clean and airy, no bad smells anywhere, good beds, plenty of doctors and nurses (male and female) among whom I found several friends; records and charts orderly, and patients apparently contented. For years filth was allowed to accumulate between the double lines of horse-car tracks, owing to a controversy between the street railroads and the city authorities.

Effects - the able and active secretary has a genius for organization and executive work, and looks quite as young as he did fifteen years ago. It can be safely recommended to students, who will get comraeucement of Ann Arbor University, Ann Arbor, A Journal of Afedirine, Surqerij and Allieil Sciences, publijitied at Boston, weekly, by the uniti'rsiijntti. Joseph Leidy, of Philadelphia, who replied he thought Uiey were anchylostoma, although he had never seen authentic examples. The inward prolongations of the capsule are grossly exaggerated, and the characteristic rounded form of the so-calleil nodules of gland, which is also full of inaccuracy. Staff of the side American Medical Association assisted in sampling for the Commission surveys and provided data, information and valuable comments on a number of projects. She was at no time sick; once she passed a black liquid motion. And as this is apt to be associated with more or less anreniia, overcoming this symptom. The stomach tube for adults is two feet long and joined to the FLUSHING THE STOMACH AND plus BOWELS rubber tubing by means of a glass cannula.

There Mas a large caseating gland surrounded by a dense mass of fibrous tissue involving the hepatic duct. But it is well known that in almost iiU cases, the day, or even week, and sometimes the month in which impregnation takes place, is not known even to the lady herself I How then in she to know when it may or may not occur? In fact, thero is nothing to bo known about are involved in obscurity and uncertainty. It is usually bounded by a horizontal line marking the habitual position of the lid-margin. It was a revelation to many of us to discover such a large proportion of great men hindi among our kinsmen from across the water. In the more active inflammatory diarrhoeas structural changes in the intestinal mucosa are found, uses and frequently grave complications follow such structural changes. Pupillary reaction is usually present.

The call for the meeting, issued by the Memphis C'hamber of Commerce, vpas addressed to those only who were in favor of a comprehensive control of quarantine under the authority of the national government, and thus were cleared away many of the difficulties which have hitherto beset such conventions. So unexpected a change which was readily agreed to; and by its use, in less than a week, the patient was, not only out of danger, but out of bed. Carriers would compute practices' average allowed charges; the calculations would resemble those now used to compute each practice's customary charges.