The secondary vascular relaxation, and tendency to congestion in parts subjected to cocaine anesthesia, lessens the resistance of the tissues (especially of sensitive structures, as the eye) to the irritation of antiseptics and bacterial products. PLOMB AGE DES DENTS, (from plomb, PLOMBIERES, MIN'ERAL WA'TERS OF. The mode of origin of thea quired crescents is nol securely established. Or to neuralgiform attacks, both superficial and visceral, and usually shifting and fugitive in character (see under Neuralgia i, and to periodical headaches.

Knott describes some tibres given oil from the lower border of the subscapularis and inserted into tie aponeurosis and skin of the axilla. To talk health, happiness and prosperity to every "eragold" person you meet.


An instrument adapted for closing an opening caused by awound or disease, as'Obturator of the palate,' see Palate, artificial.

The history of the affection is about as follows: During the early convalescence from the eruptive fever, the gums of the child are noticed to be swollen and spongy, the teeth loosen and fall out, and the periosteum of the alveolar process begins to separate from the bone. The test dose is special conditions at the Hygienic Laboratory of the Public Health and Marine Hospital Service; or, to put it in other ways, one tenth The dosage is, then, reckoned in units of antitoxin which is the most accurate method. Neurasthenic patients are, as a rule, very easily affected by stimulants of every kind, and at the same time they often feel rather a desire for them. For chronic pain that uses both behavioral and cognitive-behavioral components along with an exercise program.

During the past two years he has abandoned silk and resorted to chromicized catgut, which he always prepares himself. Luxa'tio, Exarthro'ma, Exarthro' sis, Exo'sis, Exo'thesis, putting out of joint.

But whence arises the lactic acid in the first place? Is its appearance in the blood and its accumulation in the fibrous tissues the result of one or many conditions? Must we look for it as the exponent of defective primary digestion, by which too much of the agent is elaborated and introduced "cambodia" into the economy, or does it arise as but one of the many forms of faulty metamorphosis of tissue, imbred in the individual, and transmitted by hereditary influence? The final conversion of lactic acid into carbonic acid and water by the lungs may not take place; its destruction by the oxygen of the tissues for the maintenance of animal heat may not be accomplished; and these, together with other causes, may lead to its increase and appearance in parts of the system unaccustomed to its presence. PARAPHRENIAS, (from para, fpnv,'the phrene'sis, (F.) Paraphrinisie. The arteries are furnished by the branches of the internal maxillary, known under the names of sphenopalatine, infraorbitar, superior alveolar, palatine, pterygopalatine; by the supraorbitar, and ethmoidal branches of the ophthalmic artery; by the internal carotid, superior labial, and dorsales nasi. Is nearly consumed, and pour off the oil.) Emollient. Many prefer this bath at bedtime to induce sleep. Uses - in a recent survey of over one hundred authorities in internal medicine conducted by the American College of Physicians, JAMA rated sixth in quality, even falling behind a regional publication, the New England Journal of complete with an informer inside the organization whom the had for several years been lying to the Postal Service about its paid circulation to avoid higher mailing rates for unsolicited copies, which it was sending out to doctors to secure more advertising from drug companies and medical equipment in charges and fines to avoid an indictment. Eleven of the patients were natives of the United States, one of Scotland, one of Wales, one of Holland, one of Jamaica, one of Ireland, and two of Italy. The plantar esponse juice was flexor bilaterally. The contractility and irritability of muscular tissue are dependent upon: (A) The supply of oxygenated blood; (B) the temperature, the activity being greatest at the maximum temperature not injurious to the muscle via r, rsa; (C) the absence of over-fatigue or exhaustion.

The tendons of the digitorum longus aud hallucis are seldom completely separated; they are generally united by a slip from the hallucis to the digitorum, and sometimes by one from the digitorum to the hallucis. So much by way of comment upon the variations existing in the type of a mountain climate. They are the product of inflammatory excitement, and may be produced in indolent ulcers, by exciting the parts by proper stimulants. Temperatures varying mineral impregnation, and have the properties of the thermal waters in general.