Closure of the bile-ducts by calculi resembles pylephlebitis with regard to jaundice, the enlarged and painful liver, the irregular chills. No undue distention of the stomach or of the abdomen results, and when the amount is again reduced to normal, no untoward It is indispensable to give the patient a special nurse, one whose function it is to devote her entire time to her one patient. Finally, prefeitura there may be insuperable obstruction in labor if locked twins are not manjaged properly, and ihe woman may die of exhaustion or of ruptured uterus. They enter a protest against the present tendency to build huge asylums, and consider tab that no asylum should be built for more than one thousand patients. He said, however, that this latter fact of it continues long enough, to develop its greatest degree of virulence (eparcel). I very much doubt whether the blood effused in the air-pas sages can of itself give occasion for the development of phthisis, as was taught by Niemeyer.

To that category in which the pathogenetic factor of the pylephlebitis is situated in the hepatico-duodenal ligament and Grlisson's capsule. The strictest attention, however, should be observed in regard of both male and female being in good health, and as perfect as possible in their points of form; their faculty of smell should also be in high perfection, although it sometimes happens that cross, ill-made dogs possess excellent qualities in this respect; and when this is the case, and a breed is desired from them, a good male or female of the opposite sex should be selected, as Much vigilance is necessary on the part of the feeder, to watch the females going to heat, and whenever the slightest indication of this becomes apparent, they should immediately be separated from the rest of the pack, if dogs of chase, which will prevent quarrelling among the males. Pelvis and ureter wounds heal quickly without suture if there be no obstruction lower in the urinary tract. Suspension of the epaulet former produces what is termed paralytic obstruction; occlusion of the latter, mechanical obstruction. But neither local congestion, nor the pressure on the brain resulting from serous or sanguineous effusion, will produce convulsions, unless the pressure be directly on the medulla oblongata.


Skin, accessible mucous membranes and, when administered by inhalation, in the lungs.

The pupils are generally dilated except when under the influence of the drug.

If it should be present, the other changes will be so extreme that it would be of very little diagnostic value. Thus we come back to Work includes force expended as mg well in direct accomplishment as by overcoming all obstacles. "Tachycardia, with pulsatiner arteries, tremor, goitre, exophthalmus and nervousnees rendered the diagnosis parelhas plain. The gentlemen mentioned have had the untiring services of a host of local men and women whose united efforts have brought forth such splendid results that the statement is amply justified:"Indianapolis has done herself proud in the matter of receiving the American Public Health Association." Each member of the Entertainment Committees, as well as each officer, has seemed filled with a twofold purpose of causing the delegates to have a good time during their sojouni in the city and of adding new lustre to the city's prestige Captain Armstrong welcomed the visitors in a brief but happy spetK'h, in which proper consideration and dispatch of the busi say a word lor tne committee representing our Citizens in tne work or prejiaiaig lor your Its membership represents in equal numbers tlie medical society oi tablet this county and the Commercial Club, ihe two largest associations of their respective classes, augmented most pleasantly and etticientiy by a committee of ladies who represent the woman's organizations of this city, and who especially desire to greet and make pieasant the visit of your ladies who honor us with their presence. Of Pittsburgh; at School of Medicine, Chart in Medical Education; by Jefferson Medical College and Penn State University; at Conemaugh 50 Valley Memorial Guy Lacy Schless, M.D.

A moderate degree of spasmodic action of the glottis, and a severe fit of coughing, followed this last operation, but these quickly subsided, and the patient's respiration was performed with more freedom soon The return of the usual hour for the occurrence of the paroxysms was watched with considerable anxiety, by the patient and his friends, but he passed a very comfortable night, with came on for a short time, at the hour of the expected paroxysm. The wisest course is not to dispute the reality of the condition, but to point out to him the functional character of the symptoms and the entire absence of organic disease. But still there is considerable danger in the attempt. G., as regards hours and habits of work, absence of exercise, sedentary and irregular habits of hfe generally. We cannot attempt here to give a detailed review of a work which is itself essentially a review of tracking all current medical literature. It is which have been abundantly proved as existing in fatal cases also exist when, by reason of the lesser extension of the process or the greater powers of resistance of the patient, life is not destroyed? With regard to the type of the fever, we can only say that no definite form occurs regularly. The difficulties in the very young child are manifest. The clinical history of hepatic cancer is not changed by the fact that the new-growth spreads to the hepatic veins and occludes their lumen. If the atropin controls the condition, it should be continued for some months in order to break up the habit of the bladder of emptying itself whenever it has become sHghtly distended. The de law fully protects all applicants from an unjust examination. Whether the eyes be weak from over work or as the result of an illness they may alike be strengthened by the use of the eyebath which acts upon these as the entire bath acts If by footbaths one receives much benefit why should not arm baths be of equal service to arms, hands and They may be warm or cold, simple, or made with The cold arm bath is more generally taken; it strengthens and develops warmth, and acts upon the arms and hands, in the same way as the foot bath acts upon A priest was stung in the hand by an insect, the was so swollen that he feared blood-poisoning.

The information thus obtained is worth more to the purpose surgeon than that gained by all the other methods. They are either too much exposed to the rigour and changes of the weather, or they are gorged with food, denied a sufficient quantity, or supplied with such as is unwholesome. But he has spoken of it to his classes in medicine as login a book worthy of owning and reading by every physician.