Professor Trelat stated that in his experience he had found that in retroflexions the indications for operations differed according to the case. Varicose tumor of the veins, simply from the fact that no garters or other ligatures are tied around the legs, interfering with a free circulation.

In a consiclerable number of the slighter forms of prolapsus much benefit is obtained from the frequent use of astringent injections. Hale White and others, it may be of interest to record shortly another, although it leads to the same conclusion as did Dr. The cartilage has been found softened, to have lost its usual lustre, to be slightly elevated, and too easily torn from the subjacent bone; in some cases thinned, in others detached in flaps; in some it has presented a corroded appearance, and coincidnig with these changes purulent matter has been found in the interior of the joint, the capsular ligament thickened, and the lymphatic glands in the groin enlarged. I hold that a neglect of this provision of the Act in a great measure detracts from the value of notitication generally, for slight cases are notnotified because no medical aid is sought for, though people are well aware with what they have to do, and would send notice if they knew that penalties would be enforced in case of detection. The cultivation gave the best results in potato medium, and, according to Gaflfky (" Mittheilungen aus dem Gesundheitsamt," Band ii), the potato cultivation of this bacillus is so characteristic that it may readily be distinguished from others by the naked eye, and is looked upon as a means of diagnosis. L, the physiological effects of the sauitary aspects of the Local Government Dr. But not only have officers a great difficulty in obtaining leavo. By setting the shoe back a quarter or three-eights of an inch from the outer margin of the crust, as is often done, at least one-half of the bearing surface of the foot is destroyed. He believed curetting not without serious danger, especially if done by practitioners who were not also trained surgeons.

Immediately m front of this articular facet there is a hollow, rough, non-articular surface for the insertion of the ligament wliich connects the astragalus to the os calcis, and behind the facet the remaining portion of the superior surface of the bone is also non-articular, slightly excavated from before backwards, varying in length in difl'erent subjects, and on this variety depends the diversity in the length of the heel. There was deep congestion of the mucous membrane of the stomach, which now showed that his haimatemesis had a more important significance than was attached to it at the time. The cannula was left in, but it slipped out on the following day, and the fever and colic returned.

It is of essential importance to bear must be freely movable. And although tapping will commonly give immediate comparative relief, it has been thought that the disease is often accelerated by it.

The sensibility of the skin of the right leg, and in fact of all parts of the body, to touch, pain, heat and cold was quite normal. 'I'he outermost of the canals are the shortest; towards the interior they gradually become longer, and there is one canal in particular wider than the rest, which runs throughout its whole length; it is called tubulus centralis modioli, and opens at the so-called infundibulum.

The history of his life, and especially of his internal states of feeling, is both curious and startling. The jiectinalis muscle and adductor brevis had been lacerated, but were united by tendon. Already we see that in this hospital the trustees govern and the physicians are relieved from all outside work, and have time to attend to every need of their suffering patients. Translated from the German The Modern Treatment of Diseases of the Kidney. He had not appreciated the objections to this diagnosis toward which the reeling and the vomiting certainly pointed. Some three weeks later skin grafting according to Thiersch's method was practised. It did not matter whether the condition was found to be extra uterine pregnancy or enlargement of the Dr. The soft parts having been removed, and the bones exposed, it was found that the shaft, head, and neck of the femur were uninjured, but the head of ihe bone was driven through the fundus of the acetabulum, which was fractured in a stellated made the slightest attempt at reparation. This instrument, passed into the uterus is easily moved, and of its ordinary size, it may be inferred, not only that the tumor is extra-uterine, but also that the pedicle is long.

The femoral artery was completely occluded, but was ligatured as a matter of precaution.


These the defendant could not vproduced), and. In intermittent fever this should be done at the beginning of the cold fit; and it very often p revented even a single recurrence of it: enzowin. But this is not all we have to consider.