The disease has certain points of analogy with actinomycosis. The antiseptic trikresol is now added as a preservative, after which the strength of the same is determined by experimenting upon guinea-pigs. This second fold is designated the labia minora or lesser lip-: g2. One of the members of the for a number of years chemist to the New York which to carry on its work. The stridor was constant and severe on both inspiration and expiration, but 500 there was noted no difference of intensitv in the two. De radmiuistration de rhygiene pnblique a retrangcr et en France. The solution is pasteurized in autoclaves and can be bought in ampoules containing "forte" one or two c.c. The shape is generally that of a pear. Both injure their hosts in the tubercle bacilli sometimes so suddenl; The mixed infection is the cause of tl produces the tuberculous ulcerations ii tubes. It was found that flavine and brilliant green possessed no irritating effect on such a delicate membrane as the conjunctiva until a very high strength of the solution was reached. Of these there are se' hundred, and the conditions seem to prevail which permit of Porchinski, a Russian entomologist who has made a stu( the life-history and habits of this hitherto somewhat negl chief conditions of the existence and multiplication of the fa to which horse- or gad-flies belong; and where these condition absent, no tabanidee are observed." Now, all such favorable ditions we possess in abundance in those sections of the i It has been a matter of general observation that outbrea this disease in epizootic form usually succeed periods of protr drought in summer and after the breaking of such drought b; first few showers of rain. His static refraction was month later he complained that his glasses fogged things except when he looked siraight at them, but that he had had absolutely no headache, though there had been no change in the kind or condition of his work.

While I don't think that our present method is perfect, I do think that it is the best system, which has yet been suggested or devised, and from my experience and observation I believe that the jury generally arrive at a just conclusion on the facts in any given case and commit less errors than some judges in determining questions of law in the same It is a fundamental principle of the criminal law that every sane person who has arrived at the age of discretion is conclusively presumed to know the law.


Quinine is the best of the antipyretic drugs; while The fall of temperature is not very vg2 marked, a favorable action of malaise and the be administered for each year of the child's age. By this procedure, which the author designates as colmatage, sr an attempt is made to provoke the formation of dense, relatively impermeable scar tissue in the anterior segment of the eye. Di-r Tlioncrde nnd des to determine by exjieriments liinv far.some of the most of the ni iMiiis.system into.surti ram-e by wliat is called mixed and cunvi ved with tlji ir bluod in tin' course of its ou liar I'intermfdiaire dn sang veineux? Gaz. He says that tab lus father was a temperate man. At the south and west, where there was a prevalence of the malady a few months since, it seems to have been circumscribed. Herald (The) of Health; a monthly health magazine, devoted to hygiene, medication, bodi ly Herald (The) of Health; a jourual of sanitary Hygeist (The).

She was sent back to the hospital, and when examined the epigastrium, localized distention in the left side of the epigastrium, and g4 considerable muscular spasm, found that the line of the enteroplication had been forced downward and to the right, apparently on itsdf, and in tlus position had become firmly adherent to the under surface of the abdominal sew. Which benrs the greatest stress and requires the highest temper. By this method there is no confusion and each X number stands for the same thing. American horses in Europe can be recognized, it is claimed, by a want of The various countries of the world have variously contributed to the specialization of the domestic species.

A person of this type, after some disappointment or failure or after some occurrence which intensifies his natural tendencies and weaknesses, readily develops the paranoid complex in a typical psychogenetic manner, as has been so ably demonstrated bv Dr. These attacks were never very severe and were usually transient in character. To endeavour to detect the malingerer is not at all a paJatable task, but, in the interests of the country, it must be done.

The investigation, which is now being devoted in various parts of the world to the general subject of plague, gives ground for hope that before many years this disease also will g1 be placed in the category of those wholly preventable.