This is often very difficult; however, the following points favor apoplexy: Profound coma, the face may be pale and cyanotic or flushed; respiration is stertorous buy and slow and may be of the Cheyne-Stokes type; hard arteries, with a slow, hard, irregular, full pulse; the pupils are dilated or unequal and do not react to light; conjugate deviation of the head may be present; there is evidence of paralysis; the skin is hot and dry. For - it has a prominent bitter taste.

Hindi - hoadley does not agree with Morton, that the relative position of the metatarso-phalangeal articulations of the outer toes has something to do with the neuralgia, but attributes it to compression of the digital nerve by folding of the foot on itself from lateral pressure. The exciting cause is the bacillus of online anthrax. There is another agent more determinate in its effects and contrasts than tea, and that is wine. Certain cases seem to justify the term"leukemia," suggested by Leube.

In my former paper- upon dyspepsia, I did not give all the causes of the disease. Another group of immigrants located a town site one mile lips square on the east side of Cherry Creek, near its junction with the South Platte river, in Arapahoe County, Kansas this group, and the name selected was that of his home in Georgia. Strongly emphasises the necessity of using great diplomacy in accusing a young girl or uninarried woman of being pregnant. In this way each member will have time for a vacation for rest or study, while his bank account will not suffer in his absence. The serious question of the arrest of growth of the shaft of the bone with consequent distortion of the limb must always arise in these cases.


The attention of various observers has been directed lately to the possibility of the hereditary transmission of immunity against disease from parent to offspring, either directly as through the semen of tlie father or the ovaries of the mother, or indirectly through the absorption by the foetus of a vaccine introduced through the tissues of the mother.

I have prescribed it many times since simply for constipation. The operator places one hand firmly over the affected lumbar region, while with the other he thrusts the patient back toward the bed. Moullin, in the London Lancet, says that jects to calomel on account of its uncertain the condition known as movable kidney is action, but dvises the use of Epsom salts far more common than is generally sup- or an aperient water containing Epsom posed. In the treatment, counter-irritation by blisters ingredients or the application of cold are of use in the acute stage, but they are contra-indicated after this stage. Journal) mentions the case of a girl, aged eighteen, was admitted she was seized with violent pain ail over tht abdomen, so severe as to"double her up." pain continued. Ton Useful with other articles in a debilitated composition state of the stomach and bowels. If there is a Panacea in the world, it is this preparation (uses). But these objections apply in a much less degree to the puncture, with subsequent drainage, when performed per vaginam, since in this case the opening is made in the most dependent part of the cyst, and thus any stagnation of the decomposing secretion within the cyst is prevented: substitute. The oiiy menstruum is protecting and soothing, and the germicide properties are too well understood to require more than a casual mention to impress the practitioner of its wide application. Between cow's milk and human milk not onlv as regards REFEREXCE HANDBOOK OF THE "emolene" MEDICAL SCIENCES. The night dose of trinity, especially when This treatmen.t may well be continued for a long time. However, they drink more water at these watering places than they do at home, and this of itself is of service to a constipated dyspeptic. Vertical suspension or elevation of the contents leg and cautious massage aid in the establishment of collateral circulation. Milium is an affection characterized by the appearance of small, pearly, non-inflammatory elevations, which result from the accumulation of inspissated sebum in ducts, the outlets of Treatment: The lesion should be excised, the contents expressed, and the same remedies employed as in review seborrhea (improvement of general health, relief of constipation, and the application of ointments of sulphur, mercury, tar, carbolic acid, or resorcin).

The musculature upon the sac which was separated in freeing that not so much to secure strength, but to give an additional protection against leakage during the first few days. There is no reason why a doctor should give his time, skill and medicines without charge or on unreasonably long time any more than the grocer or dry goods man. The intravenous use of salvarsan, properly administered, is devoid of danger provided it is given in suitable dosage and at infrequent intervals, apart from cases of early infections. It is most in prevalent in the spring months. (m The pavilion is a sexual organ and subject to age and functional relations, (n) At the bottom of the pavilion is the sphincter abdominale oviductus.