Simple chemical process independent altogether of the activity of cells of any kind, whether leucocytes or any other. Professor of Bacteriology, Michigan Agricultural College, Lansing, side Mich.


This fact is important, as showing that the kidney is capable of synthesising complex organic substances; and what is true of hippuric acid may be true for other urinary constituents.

The ulcer is foul, shews no granulations, but appears covered with a rough irregular coat of brown lymph. Br Fraser Wright had listened with great pleasure effects and profit to Dr Ballantyne's paper. About the end of December, she was enabled to crawl about, and employ herself a little in cleaning the floors of the infirmary in which she was placed: eltram. In the other case no explanation was The difficulty of obtaining reliable statistics regarding the frequency of epididymitis as a complication of gonorrhoea may be gathered from the fact that the published records of different remedies onty: eltramco.

The string is made fast to one at the plus smaller end, carried over to the opposite one, then crossed to the opposite stud at the other end and back under the last one, a bight of the end being tucked under the string between the two last-mentioned studs.

Perinephric abscess are lumbago, various organic diseases of the kidney, spinal caries, splenic tumours, faecal accumulations in the colon, morbus The high situation of the pain; the tenderness in the loin; the fact that passive flexion is painless in itself; the free, painless mobility of the hip-joint; the absence of tenderness and fulness over the upper end of the femur; absence of pain on percussion of the thigh, and the less rigidity of the adductors and rotators, serve to distinguish perinephritis The symptoms of perinephritis are very closely allied in many points to those which accompany appendicitis; but the characteristic feature of perinephritis is that the pain, tenderness, and swelling are first observed and most pronounced in the ilio-costal interspace behind; whereas in appendicitis they are most frequently located in the iliac fossa and in early stages by local blood-letting by means of leeches or the cuppingglass, hot baths, and hot emollient poultices or stupes. The leg should be frequently fomented with warm water; tonics at the same time spc should be given, or the tonic and diuretic medicine may here be of service. A solvent of gutta-percha el and india-rubber.

Eltamd - at the end of sixteen days he could dress himself with ease, and could write tolerably well.

More connected with the comfortable use of cost the horse than this. The matches, trome dipped first in melted sulphur, are, when dry, dipped in this paste, and dried. For functional disorder is a condition wholly distinct from total suppression of excretory Thus a liver-cell, under the influence of a severe poison, may have its functions so aflfected that, instead of breaking up haemoglobin into normal bile pigment, it produces abnormal bile pigments: such I consider quite a permissible assumption; and this of itself is sufficient to account for the presence of abnormal pigments.

It has at present only one class, containing sixty students who are now school and are not charged any fees. Here, again, the latency as regards symptoms of some dysenteries has to be discounted in attempting to settle the question on clinical grounds only (dose).

_ Notwithstanding the use of antiseptics, secondary pyosepticsemia is still the danger which the surgeon has most to dread in operating for liver abscess. So far as known, it gives rise to no serious pathological lesion; a fortunate circumstance, seeing that hitherto it has been found impossible, with any degree of certainty, to dislodge it by anthelmintics.