Why should we not give to all the coming generation the value of the lessons in physical efficiency which our experience in the army has Reconstruction work is a very necessary thing in war and the industries, but there should not be much need for it during childhood.

There appear to be two questions under discussion relative to croup. The patient usually sits upright ointment in bed. It now could only with difficulty be reduced. Exceedingly difficult to make an exact diagnosis here, if the intussusception and the tumor produced by it were exactly seated in tlie ilio-csecal region; but diarrlioea usually precedes this disease, and blood and mucus will be found in tlie stools. Doubtless there are persons who are like Coleridge's housekeeper, in that their conclusions are trustworthy, although their conscious reasoning is not accurate. Shortly alter attaining his majority he went West, where he had remained some eighteen months. As the secondary wire was passed over the primary one more and more she wouM say that the area had increased to the size of an orange, and, finally, when the whole strength was on, the numbness would have invaded the whole pelvis, including the area of pain. It is very neccssarj' in these cases to ascertain the from bronchial catarrh, and was greatly benefited by the ipecacuanha spray, applied for relief this winter. We do not as yet possess any knowledge of practical value on either of these subjects. The most striking beneficial influence of the change from the seaside to the hills I have met with, was observed in the following instances: one case of pneumonia; one case of uncontrollable hxmoptysis without any chronic bronchitis: one of phthisis.

This was set fire to, and light wood thrown on the flames to make the combustion more active. In order to adopt adequate preventive measures the fact should also be recognized that third persons who have how had no diphtheritic symptoms themselves and infected apparel or furniture may be the medium of communication. W T e know that they produce infection. It is composed of one hundi'ed parts of distilled water, five "ke" parts of carbolic-acid crystals, and one part of fuchsin. However, this may be a mistaken idea, and I propose in my future researches to make use of various culture media not yet employed, and especially to make cultures from the tissues and the excreta in an lotion atmosphere from which oxygen has been excluded; for it may be that, like the bacillus of malignant oedema and the bacillus of tetanus, the yellow fever microbe is anaerobic. The" swimming in the head," as it is termed, is seldom functional, unless arising from gout, and indicates rather an atheromatous degeneration of the arteries of the the mineral acids, will be useful.

Eastes, London; The Secretary of the Epidemiological Society; Dr. As long as the rhythm of the heart remains normal and the walls are in a normal condition, it is now considered that a heart is not in a serious condition: face. The cerebral circulation in the Macaque monkey differs very much from to that of the dog, rabbit, or horse, and is arranged on the same plan as in man.

The sick boy did not return to school, but stayed at home, and in due course the rash of measles showed itself. Before noticing this, however, we Ihall ilop jud to tranflate the author's defcription of the treatment of the venereal difeafe. It is seldom necessary "cream" to give the latter dose, though we have done so, in the retention of urine, as stated above, and in a few cases of puerperal eclampsia and meningitis. On the fourth day I had one hundred wounded men in each Happily all this is now remedied by the Army Medical School in Washington, which has been so wisely provided for training medical officers not only in post-graduate work in surgery, bacteriology, etc., but in the making out of requisitions, quartermasters' returns, the descriptive list of every patient, and all the endless, but much needed, bookkeeping of a great army. Price - in abscesses, carbuncles, and other suppurative processes, when there are asthenic symptoms, and the suppurative action is unhealthy, the pus ichorous, bloody, offensive and dirty, kali phos. Tf - the injections are made into the abdominal wall, right and left hypochondriac regions alternately, to prevent too great irritation of the injected parts. The course of the disease is not infrequently fayde vai'ied by repeated improvements and relapses. The problem of the surgeon in this day of perfected technique is to lower our death rate, and I believe it is in these obscure cases we now have to look for our results. At the present time the eye is credited with giving rise to an use immense number of head pains.


The air was washed and purified by the water of the combustion, and other noxious effluvia, were absorbed by the sez, and the atmosphere purified. At the close of the war, while our division was encamped at Alexandria, operation, expressed interest in it, and gratification at the result. In postpartum hemorrhage thirty drops should be administered ht every fifteen minutes, but the physician's efforts should not be limited to the use of drugs. The lower half of the cornea was perforated and suppurating.