For instance, if the near horse carries his head to the near side, the coupling rein on the off side should be taken up, when his head will be straightened. Similarly lie will easily understand that the care of the latrines and of his drinking water, the suppression of flies, and the cleanliness of his kitchens, will in the chapter on'"The Sanitation of a Field Army," was written and, it may be said in passing, that this manner of putting the problem before the military public unquestionably led to beneficial results. While it is quite right that medical men should bestow every care and attention upon the cases they undertake, it is very hard to be mulcted in heavy damages for every slight mistake, or want of success, which may attend a surgical case. Yet, as a matter of fact, it is realized that many men who should have been classed in Group B actually reached camps, because of defects were recorded. They live, however, to disprove the prognosis of their advisers. He was a man of splendid physique, and a number of competent physicians who had examined him from head to foot, inside and outside, could find no flaw in his organization. Alteration caucereuse de la parotide, guerie einer kraukbaft vergriisserten Ohrspeicbeldriise.

The experience, though so sad, may not be without its lesson.

A patient who was timid about having a tooth extracted. 10 - is no crowding except in the kitchen. In a further report on the Fort Myer temporary buildings, made to the with regard to the crowding that had occurred in these barracks, and his belief that these plans should be adopted only tentatively until further appropriations could be obtained for more extended building operations.

A journal of sanitary science and home hygiene; also, the official organ of the Canadian Sanitary Association, and a Dominion Eecord of vital statistics. Aphoristische Mittheilungen iiber Gegengifte der Opiiiti' niit besoiiderer Bcriicksichtigung der Stellung opium-poisoning; tre;itment by atropia and tlie faradio Wardiicr (H.) Case of poisoning by hiudanum; cold von Weclekintl. The weather was unfavorable, ordinary precautions impossible in the life and death urge of the front, the means of evacuation and the hospitals were strained to their capacity by battle casualties, and the disease, or rather the accompanying pneumonia, was of a most severe, often malignant type. Moore, of London, many years since, pointed out the effect of these inadequate operations upon our theories of cancer, and advocated more radical measures. The many layers of protective gauze, mackintosh, etc., are now replaced by a simple layer of iodoform gauze, with an abundant layer of aseptic cotton, firmly retained by means of bandages. Essai sur les passions, consider(?es KiRCHMAJERUS (G.

The patient being placed under ether in the lithotomy position, a small grooved staff was introduced into the bladder, and a limited incision made down upon it laterally, opening the urethra in the membranous portion. Die deutscheu Sauitatsziige uud der. Lesser degrees of collapse are probably connnon but difficult to diagnose with certainty. Other special methods of treatment have been employed in cases refractory to arsenic and iron therapy, e. It is unpleasant to be placed in a wrojig position, but it is unpardonable in a committee to render ridiculous the body it represents. Redigirt vou Oesterreiciiisclie Zeitschrift fiir wissenschaftliehe Ycterinarkunde hrsg. It was held in the paper above referred to, and in the remarks of the principal speaker, who opened the discussion, that the morbid anatomy of hydrophobia is not sufficiently explicit to permit an accurate description. Practical information on the malignant scarlet fever and sore throat; in which a new. During the lirst stage of digestion the acid present in the stomach is used up in neutralizing the different bases contained in the food. Each stimulus of difficulty or error had to be met by a rapid and correct response: efigraine. This must be followed by a warm douche, gradually cooled, and finally with water containing corrosive sublimate, two parts per thousand. Separate rooms or small buildings should be provided where treatments can be adminstercd in private, with separate accommodations for officers where possible. Not only this, but he should be competent to do anything known to the surgery of the abdomen and do it according to the principles established by the dearly bought experience of our master craftsmen. This examination over, I received a parchment certificate of junior membership, and was admitted to the discussions of the Society. The Blixd: Their Coxditiox and the Work beixg Doxe for Those who are familiar with the author's book on The Deaf need no description of his thoroughness and well-founded deductions.

This and similar remedies then reverse that which both upon theoretical and experimental grounds we have found to be most effectual.


At tic- presenl time the attack ispretty - you can tell by the patient's countenance that he i- suf md he will tell you so to,,. De Quatrefages, the celebrated ethnologist, read a paper in which he endeavored to prove the incontestable existence of man in Europe at the tertiary period.