Annual Report of the Managers of the State Report of the Proceedings of the Michigan State Board of Health.


Likewise, it is important that as little blunt dissection as possible be done, in order that the trauma to the tab tissue may The buried suture should not be larger than a number two catgut, and should be chromicized so that it will last for twenty days in the tissues. Especially is this likely to occur in school-houses, where children will instinctively seek to get a breath of fresh air that has not had all its natural refreshing qualities quite cooked out of it by hot stoves, furnaces, or steam-pipes. Ma'ter (hard mother, called dura because of its great resistance, and mater because it was believed to give rise to every membrane of the body) (hard). The colour is darker and more unifrom, the texture is firmer, and the edge more circumscribed, than in Blood thus effused into the substance of the lung, does not appear so rapidly to excite inflammation around it, as in the brain; and it is not, therefore, found afterwards to be surrounded with any cyst; but in the lungs, as in the brain, and as in the cellular substance after bruises, such simple effusions of blood, in the perfectly healthy state,, appear to be easily absorbed; and judging both from the gradual improvement of the general sympton)s after many cases of hosmoptysis, with much dyspncea (unconnected with phthisis,) and from the gradual may be absorbed from the cellular texture of the lungs, and the functions of the part gradually restored; although the complex and necessarily dangerous nature of most of the cases, where this accident happens, prevents our having many examples of this kind. Medical education in this country is about a hundred "etel" during which medicine performed abysmally.

E-tel - a local axuesthetic mixture of ethyl and Ooryleur'. The inhabitants, who number about seventy-five or eighty, declare that they invariably have epidemics of'' colds" when they are visited by strangers, which happens two or three times a year.

Upon examination it is found that she has suffered a rupture of the perineum to the first degree, which is followed by a rectocele, an inflamed condition of the urethra, and evidences about the genitalia of severe and determined scratching.

She was removed to her room in a good condition, and placed in bed in an almost sitting posture. Rules and regulations for securing the best i7 sanitary condition of vessels from foreign ports, and for the prevention of the introduction and spread of infectious diseases in the United States. Reset - pbotbolttio f Whieh decompose protoda and form JEntro'pton or Kntro'plnm (en. The experiments have also been so arranged as to place those with more general bearing first, and those with special interest later.

In secondary schools that do not have a qualified health education teacher, faculty with similar training and eharmony good rapport with students should be trained specifically to provide effective AIDS education.

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