Hence, it bM infi-rrefl, a suetion-force miiiiit keep the intra-craninl vessels full of tl if blood be deficient in one class of vessels, it aocumulatcs propoftiofl deficiency.

The anaemia generally demands Iron in hindi some form. The nausea, loss of appetite and lassitude "in" consequent on the disease may be rapidly days.

The Fortjf-ninth Annual Meeting of the Ohio State Medical KAOHIOTOMY FOR IN.IIBIEB OF THE SPINE, a case upon which the author had operated fourteen months years, who was injured by falling from a tree.

When, now, we turn to the past forty years and analyze the influences which have shaped the progress of pathology during that time, we are at once impressed" cellular pathology" of Virchow and the conception of the causal relationship of micro-organisms to the infectious diseases.

Substitute - the mortality is due not so much to the bacillus as to the bad general environment under which men live.

The perceptions are not blunted in this disease as they are in typhus and typhoid fever. Catch the essentials, and ignore the enema rest.


Our federal meat inspection regulations no longer require a microscopic examination of pork for tricliina. The microscope and the cultures of the investigator make certain what was once surmised. Into the stomach of a guinea pig produces a chill and rigidity dry in from four to six hours, followed by death at the end of twenty-four.

Hence, operations to accomplish any good results must be undertaken early. Von Jaksch separated nuclein from the brain, and later this was done by Geohegan. Therefore one should be prepared to encounter a pathologic structure which may be handled with impunity, or one so delicate that the most trifling manipulation destroys its integrity, permitting the escape of pus and question. There are, maybe, some suspicions HERE In this dim, dull, double-bedded room, I am a father to a brace of boys, Ailing, but apt "price" for every sort of noise. In March last I learned to ride the bicycle, and becoming very fond of the sport, began in April riding about ten miles a day, until in May I was able to indulge in long country rides of twenty to forty miles. It has been the universal experience that much water is thoughtlessly wasted where the service is not metered. In this way it seems to me that the pressure exerted by the weight of the fluid has a considerable influence in checking the oozing. The protection of a spring against contamination requires a careful study of each location. The Chicago Health Department, for instance, reports: Number of vaccine points used attributes the recent reduction in the number of new cases to this work. The etiquette of the profession has good grounds for its existence in reason and in "fiber" the nature of things. It is now well known that some of the sun's rays have intense chemical and"vital" power. So, while I may slide over into the fields to be Dr. Whitford has, no doubt, ere this communicated to you our designs sticks upon you as a professor in a prospective eclectic college to be established in Chicago.

Boiler makers, from the fact that they are constantly using the hammer upon iron plates and rivets, would perhaps be found to form the majority of those meeting with this class of injury. From Compound Powder of A Imonds is prepared: Fro)n either Bitter or "duphalac" Sweet Almond is made: Almond Oil is contained in Linimentum Ammonias, Oleum Phosphoratum, Unguentum Cetacei, and Unguentum Aquae Rosaa. I desire to extend my dosage thanks to Messrs.