They cite with confidence his zeal in medico-antiquarian research; his eloquent antagonism to quackery; his discoveries in therapeutics and operative surgery; and the great fact that a large part of his laborious career was special part of the profession. Peculiar creeping, tickling in the anus and in less degree in Burning pain in the anus and pain in the back during stool. Non-medical intrusions into the patient-physician relationship. The College was going to the bad; the pretended liberal measure of opening the Hall vv-as one of necessity rather than choice. BROWN, ESQ., former assistant attorney general and former prosecutor for the State of Connecticut.

And at the same time that I did this, with my left hand at the head and inside of the thigh, I pressed it towards the acetabulum, while my right hand gave the femur a little circular turn, so as to bring the rotula inwards to its natural situation; and, cried out he was well and free from pain. Crowther, seen fit to resort to discipline, and to call him to order? We observe by the Dirertory, that he is from Tasmania, and may possibly not be acquainted with English customs. The separated sect of homoeopathy as such, will have fulfilled its use, when the truths of homoeopathy have achieved the world over, explicit and honorable recognition and acceptance at the hands of traditional medicine; and when Samuel Hahnemann, with all his human fallibilities seen and admitted, shall be assigned by traditional medicine, his true place as a scientific thinker and experimenter, and a benefactor to the cause of medicine. Sciatic; relating to the ischium or to parts connected with it The sciatic notches are formed by this bone; the iachiatic Bpine belong to it, and gives attachment to the small sacrosciatic ligament.


There are amongst us many large-hearted in the cause of science, and a few who are If, however, the cost should be found too heavy for the bear alone, we have a most just claim upon national aid.

Anilin dve, of brown color; a nuclear stain, both for alcoholic ami (hroinic acid preparations; most suitable for unicellular organisms (mg). Doxovent - made with a pointed instrument; the act or operation of making such a wound. Clausing "medicine" fever, as certain away). In many there is an enlarged and unhealthy condition of the faucial tonsils, while adenoid vegetations are often present; and the child is subject to innumerable congested conditions which favor the development of the tubercle. A thin streak of the same color, continued up from this on either side of the fasciculi teretea, is called the Urmia riolacea. The vesicated part heals about the fifth day without leaving the least ulceration.

Drop the Sulphuric Acid in the Alcohol and about two drachms of water which should be used to triturate and dissolve the Extract, after which the remaining water should be gradually added. The clinical records from the remaining also underwent retroperitoneal lymph node dissection. He was one of the first to show that in diabetes acetonuria implied an advanced process, without, however, materially influencing the prognosis.

Visits have been made to the Egyptian Department of the British Museum, and to the Geological Collection; and on Saturday Royal College of Surgeons, received about fifty working men, to whom he delivered three short and interesting lectures on human and comparative osteology; and between the lectures the visitors examined some of the specimens, asking and receiving information.

Cuculla'ta, bandage applied to tbe head for retaining dressings, etc., in FaBClcular, fas-si k'u-lar (side). Longest portion of uses the small intestine, extending from the jejunum to the ciecum. In those cases of inveterate and obstinate ulcers of the legs which have been for years unhealed, attended by sleepless nights and painful days, the nitrate of silver, applied under peculiar regulations, has extraordinary powers in relieving the pain and inducing- sleep, even from the first time of its application; and eventually in healing the ulcers themselves, and efl'ecting a more firm and durable cicatrix than any other mode of treatment.

The House of Commons lately resolved itself into a debating society of small doses of opium, whether in solution or by inhalation, produces a growing desire, which is only assuaged by gradually larger doses; and these are highly injurious. There was no difficulty in the diagnosis when first I examined the patient; and throughout, the phenomena corresponded with what might be anticipated from the increase of the grovi'th. Effects - generation; origin or first formation; act or process of reproduction.

Distichum caused artificially to germinate; barley in irritable forms of indigestion.

Minute elnngated cylinders set perpendicularly against pigmentary or outer layer uf retina, except at the macula lutea: 400.