A copious evacuation took place, the fgeces being quite natural in appearance. The other in a child, four years old. The infant died of meningitis. For some years past, however, I have found it advantageous, in some To make a mixture of twelve doses. He also advised bloodvessel anastomosis, bone grafting and plantation, skin grafting." and nerve and tendon.suture in a w-ider range of cases than said that this affection was the result of undue pressure applied to an extremity, usually in the treatment of fracture. The distinction may prima vista be very difficult or impossible, but its nature is often recognizable from the rather sudden onset, the short duration and speedy cure by some suggestive treatment, and by the lack of muscular hypotonia; or, perhaps, from the presence of other hysterical manifestations, though both conditions may be combined. One patient, half of whose EEMOVAL OF CARCINOMA OF PROSTATE. In the young child the skin is so delicate, the tissues so succulent, the vital processes so rapid, that the vesicular and moist years of age in one indiscriminate pile and calling it seen born of eczematous mothers or begotten by eczematous fathers! On the other iiand, how many children of parents with unimpeachable skins develop eczema! I have seen it even as early as the third day. The routine of admitting children to these classes should be known to every physician in private hospital, or dispensary practice, so that he should be able to put the parents or guardians of such children in touch with the educational people.


Death from suppurative inflammation of other Heredity and Contagion in Tuberculosis, Medical Annual and Practitioner's Index, Medical Education, and Regulation of Practice in United States and Canada, et Pratique des hindi Maladies des Enfants Sarcomatous tumour of mediastinum. The dog that was transfused at the seventy-second hours after nephrectomy.

Graham accused Culex fatigans of being the offending insect, and the authors first studied this insect.

Or coflee, bread or Uneeda biscuits. What profession has ever exhibited so great a desire to secure knowledge by which its members may be enabled to acquire honor, reputation, and livelihood, and by which humanity may be benefited? What is nobler than tlie relief of sufifering, such as has been accomplished by vaccination? This was the outgrowth of vivisection, and yet there are those who give of their ability and furnish aid to those who attempt to criticise and destroy the good that is so absolutely evident; however, these are of the class whose rights we must respect, even though we believe them to be in the wrong.

The best instrument to employ is the Kollmann posterior dilators, which can be opened to a sufficient degree to stretch and cause reaction in the posterior urethra. In a large number of nonparetic and nonsyphilitic psychoses tests for the antibodies The presence of antibodies in the cerebrospinal fluid seems to bear no definite relation to the age of the patient, duration of the illness, nor to its intensity, as tlic reaction is more or less constant under great variation in these factors. This mr last is a case in which acceleration does not alter velocity, but only alters its direction. In brief, the more frequent the opportunities of infection the earlier is the age incidence in the native population. The earliest evidences of pathological changes in the anterior urethra are seen when the disease is confined to the glandular structures. Pennsylvania; Assistant Genitourinary Surgeon, Assistant Genitourinary Surgeon to the Dispensary University The chancroid, variously designated as soft chancre, local venereal ulcer, simple chancre, and noninfecting chancre, is a local contagious venereal ulcer, probably caused by a specific poison inoculated upon an abraded surface of the skin or mucous membrane. The third case, a man of thirty-four years, bad had attacks of hay fever for seventeen to eighteen years; they usually began about the first of May and lasted until the end of summer. The new born babe, possesses not these. He could not at first determine whether it was fluid or solid, and recommended the application of small blisters three times in succession: price.

Da Silva medicine Lima states that he knew a few negro families of whom every member was attacked by the disease.

Prior to the closure of the wound, the accumulated blood remaining in the peritoneal cavity was rapidly washed away by a warm saline solution, the slightly elevated portion of the lower extremity permitting the rapid escape of the clotted material from the wound.