Vidal has shown that a condition practically identical may follow an attack of urticaria. The duties of the Executive Committee shall be to carry out the directions of the General Committee, to authorize such expenditures as may be necessary, and to act for the General Committee during the intervals of its sessions. The tubercular diathesis tablet is the most common of these. The liver may present minute abscesses, and in a number of cases in which there has been jaundice degeneration of the cells has been observed.' The serous surfaces are often inflamed, pleurisy and pericarditis being not uncommon complications. "When composition fully ripe the urabilication disappears, to reappear again in drying, owing to the more rapid desiccation of the center. , alarmed by the presence of an unnatural growth in the vagina, complicated with pregnancy, advanced to about the seventh month, and fearing serious consequences from her expected labour, was brought to Mobile by her mother about the last of to see her, and, the case presenting very anomalous symptoms, I was requested to take charge of it. Under the new Bill it is proposed that an"uncertifiable case" may be taken in upon one medical certificate for a definite period (see also following paragraph). The case has been pronounced one of Elephantiasis Arabum, but it differs from that case of Chronic Necrosis of the Tibia and Fibula of Ten Years Duration, cured by amputation at the thigh. More less eflPusiou occurs in the thorax, and sometimes, but rarely, lymphoii growths are found in the sub-pleural tissue, and in the substance the diaphragm. Forsel explains the hypertonic type somewhat as follows: The influence exerted by the strong abdominal muscles and the surrounding abdominal organs causes an increased intraabdominal pressure which accentuates the tone of the musculature of the most active part of the stomach, the socalled sinus (Forsel) in or vestibule (Cannon) or antrum pylori. She is robust and well-formed; has had five healthy children, and laughs at the idea of having suffered from any inherited malady.

The symptoms of irritation soon wikipedia yield to those of depression. In some cases tlie uterus has spontaneonsly returned, after the lapse of a consideral)le time, to its natural eonditiou, and women have afterwards conceived and l)orne children (Meigs' Colombat). Stephen Mackenzie, who, in this country, has long been a strenuous advocate of the association, points out that E, multiforme frequently occurs in the course of a malady characterised by all the symptom-complex recognised as rheumatic fever: such as fever; definite, fleeting, multiple arthritis (which may be recurrent); general pains, sour sweats, endocarditis, pericarditis, tonsillitis, pleurisy, and pneumonia: and followed by aneemia: that in cases of E. They are larger than the epithelial cells, are sharply defined, and contain a granular material surrounding a nucleus and been grown by Delepine in interlamellar films on serum and nutrient they show partial or complete subdivision of their protoplasm into four or more round or oval bodies, similar to those described by Kauffmann. The muscles being merely the instruments whereby the force evolved in the system is applied to the uses of the individual, they may perform their functions most effectually while undergoing the minimum of destructive metamorphosis. In my opinion, it is entirely bacterial forte in nature. This is not an unvarying rule and the intermissions are occasionally long, in one case four and in another- ten years of rest being enjoyed.

The state of the scalp may reveal the true nature of the nail affection. Acvite tuberculosis is a general deposit of the "description" miliary tubercle, accompanied by symptoms of imiversal disturbance of the functions of the body.


In this patient the erysipelas extended from the uterus not only to the external genital organs and adjacent parts, but also to the oviduct and thence to the peritoneum.

Fever was not contiiuiously normal was (idlowed by what aijpcaivd to l)e a very characteristic post-typhoid recrudescencic. Codman and Shurtlefr, of Boston, according to a design furnished by me.

Recent diet, rest, and exercise, on the excretion of fliburaen, have led to the following i-esults: the amount of albumen price is much reduced by a milkdiet and non-nitrogenous food, and"absolute rest remark.ably reduced THE AMYLOID DISEASS OF TBB KIDNETS. Warts about the genitals, especially of pregnant women, may assume a peculiar aspect: they are multiple, foliaceous, extraordinarily vascular and luxuriant in growth, form huge friable masses, bleed readily, and are covered with an off'ensive secretion.

For instance, a sharp rise within the hour would indicate a gastric hindi ulcer.