As soon as I am satisfied that air enters the tube freely, I cut the string, untwist it, and' withdraw it, at the same time putting the left forefinger on the head of the tube to prevent its being Sometimes breathing is much interfered with by the presence of tenacious mucus and detritus.

Loa papionis, tablet has been found in monkeys. It causes a fixed attitude of the head. With four digits, or toes; the Houdan and Dorking are provided with five. It would be proper to first take up the first kind, for if personal hygiene is properly taught and carried out there will be practically no reason or cause for insanitary conditions. Just at present we are nearly empty. The pure gas seems to possess hardly any perceptible rottenegg smell at all but a sweetish odor not unlike that of chloroform vapor. There may be half a dozen such periods of pyrexia. She is a composite of them, bearing the qualities of all and may limit her work to any one of these activities or combine them all as a general community nurse." In spite of strides which preventive medicine and the study of public health have made in recent times, the practical application of such principles in the homes of the great masses of people suffers a constant check through the lack of an adequate number of trained women. When opposite conditions would tend to lower the body-heat, the cutaneous vessels contract to diminish the loss of heat; and shivering i.e., muscular contraction may take place to increase the Abnormal elevation of temperature results from two kinds of causes: (i) Lesions of the central nervous system (cortex, corpus striatum, crus cerebri, pons or cervical cord), which presumably either damage the regulating centre or cut off its controlling influence from the heat-producing poisons which act upon the structures concerned in the production of heat, or upon those concerned in the removal of heat, or upon the central regulating mechanism itself.


Several lengthy chapters are taken up with the consideration of lateral curvature; club-foot, and other deformities; puncture of the intestines in constipation, and for imperforate anus in infants; removal of cicatrices, and autoplastic operations; extraction of foreign bodies from the tissues; acupuncture. Death usually takes place within six days; it may result from syncope, coma, asthenia, or pyaemia.

She had both gastric and intestinal conditions, and was so seriously emaciated from improper feeding that we thought she was an idiot.

A condition characterised by abnormal brittleness of the bones of primary origin. On questioning him, he informed me that his bowels were regular.

There are six studies, comprising cases of hysteria, alcoholic amnesia,"psychic" epilepsy, and melancholia with marked delusion. Thus it is shown that the mechanical use of the secretion of the salivary glands is very important. Both the office and field staffs of the San Francisco branch are eager to extend this service to old and new Mosby customers on we serve Inquiries too are answered direct, supplying the information you seek as quickly as If you are located in the territory which San Francisco Office serves, write or phone your orders and inquiries to us direct. Painful induration and swelling of the testes with consequent disability and impeded locomotion are very frequent in my experience when these operations of deligation have been performed. While the death rate had been nine per cent, in Toronto from scarlet fever. Daniels in his excellent paper, though neither Dr. Most Persistent and Deadly Foe (syrup). As a result of this agitation an order has been issued by the police wishes of patients as to which hospital they shall been made in these columns to the proposed establishment of summer courses at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University. In this respect, as in every other, the bill commends it self to our support, and we understand that it has met with the approval of the Medical Society of the State of New York, the New York State Medical Association, the Society of Medical Jurisprudence, and the New York Medicolegal Society. The significance of this may be shown by taking the case, for instance, of one of the most prominent American railroads.

He lived seventeen days; a slough formed over the sacrum about the tenth supported by means of pillows and protected by a cradle.