The applications proper for palsied limbs are such as the acne following: Ammoniated oil, camphorated oil, cajeput oil, when it cpx be got; turpentine and oil, warm sea-water, warm salt, stinging with nettles, mustard, etc. It should also be continued in diminished doses for twenty-four to forty-eight hours after the rheumatic symptoms The following are the conclusions of the committee appointed by vaginal the Academic de Medicine upon this subject: i. Another name for the aggregate or clustered glands of Peyer, situated in the small intestines. Present the following characteristics: Flushed face, well-marked frontal headache, some pain in small of back, general malaise, restlessness, a history of constipation: side.

But intermediately treatment has to do with many an aim which is not the end itself, but only conducive to When there is much and unremitting heat of skin, and the pulse is hard and yet but moderately frequent, and the vascular system and the nervous system are strongly and steadily reacting, and all that moves and all that feels within the man are (so to speak) doubly alive, then, the fact and the seat of the internal inflammation being once ascertained, it is less absolutely necessary for the success of our treatment to go into its particulars.

The infection from the living body constantly giving out the fresh material, effects cannot of course, while it continues diseased, be so disposed of; but all that it has inhabited in any way is thus rendered harmless. The scariiications seldom required to be repeated more than twice, and oftener once was sufiicient j and the earlier this mode of practice was employed, the more efficacious it proved in speedily removing the inflammation. A brief survey of recent progress in the bacteriology of obstetrics will suffice to show what might have been expected at the outset, namely, that in normal cases we cannot improve upon the methods of nature. There was still no positive symptom, but the pulse longer remained.

The close proximity of the well to the latrines favored the contamination of the drinking water; and to the use of this water, more than to any other single cause, we attribute the spread of the disease (cream). During the many years he was employed on active service, the composition of any connected work was of course not to be thought of; dose and something may perhaps be due to the unsettled habits engendered by so long a period of restless activity, that disinclined him from undertaking any extensive literary work, When, however, in after years, he began to feel himself unequal to the active pursuits of Iris profession, and its exercise was no longer an object of much importance to him in a pecuniary point of view, he determined to record, for the benefit of the public, the fruits of his personal experience. Symes was president, and in his address urged the necessity of education to advance, pharmacy, and showed that the conference encouraged men to devote themselves to the higher branches of their calling, and keep all posted in the advances that are constantly being made.


Consulting Surgeon to the Suffolk General Eoberts, Edward S., Esq., Hull Harrison, Reginald, Esq., Merthyr Tydfil Alexander, James, Esq., Leslie, Fife Christie, James, M.D., Consulting Physician to the Royal Infirmary, Dundee Dougal, Daniel, M.D., Strathaven, Lanarkshire Dyce, Robert, M.D., Senior Physician to the Royal Infirmary, Ferguson, John, Esq., Oak Bank, Mull, Oban Gilchrist, James, M.D., Medical Superintendent, Crichton Royal McColl, Hector, Esq., Tobermory, Argyleshire Mackie, George, M.B., Insch, Aberdeenshire Macrae, Donald, Esq., Harris, Stnrnoway Prichard, William, RI.D., Partick, Glasgow Eitchie, Charles, M.D., Physician to the Royal Infirmary, Glasgow IRELAND.

Of Students who have completed their Second Winter Session of Study at a recognised Medical School -will commence on Tuesday, SECOND PART OF THE PROFESSIONAL EXAMINATION. A preliminary tapping removed this danger. In the case of the bacillus coli the probability is exceedingly strong that it plays a very considerable part in the production of the symptoms seen in typhoid. The constant current should always be used, being solution careful to avoid too great intensity, lest amaurosis be produced. Inflammatory, bilious, "flavoured" mucous, adynamic, and ataxic fevers.

In the bright sunbeams motes are said to dance, and by careful watching one may see not only how numerous these motes are, but of what nasty stuff they are not infrequently composed. Under this head he includes a group of cases which are assimilated more by their clinical than by their pathological characters; including cellulitis analogous to that which occurs after labour, together with pelvic inflammation consecutive on uterine or ovarian disease. The fear of disgrace and punishment in this world often acts granules as a more efficient deterrent from crime than does any dread of consequences in the hereafter. She was gathering flowers in her garden, when she felt herself bitten by a fly. To subdue the venereal action, the constitution must be reduced', it must fee! the irritation produced by the mercury; therefore, the givingbark to support the svstem during the mercurial course, is often worse than useless. When the swelling has subsided, if the injury be not so slight as to be already cured, a liniment or the application of iodine is generally ordered: lotion. The ligature answers several purposes; it draws down the pouch, it tightens the membrane so that the bowel does not recede before the scissors, and after the incision has been made, it makes tense the edges and permits the opening to be enlarged with ease and safety.