In the concluding chapters the Etiology, the Diagnosis, the Prognosis and the Treatment of Speech Defects of are taken up; and in these pages the results of many years' close study are vouchsafed.

But examination of the internal organs of the guinea-pigs injected with blood and plasma disclosed spirochetes identical with those found in the guinea-pigs injected with portions lysine of the lymph gland.

Medical brokerage business under the name of The Canadian Medical Practice and Partnership Office, has changed the name mechanism to that of The Canadian Medical Exchange Office. I may probably acknowledge the attention and diligence of the most diligent of my class by some special and visible mark; but I would strongly impress upon the students generally, that a prize, far more worthy their notice than a medal or a book, is to be obtained by them in the friendship and esteem of their teachers. Ordered for brandy and beef-tea; strychnia as before. After the initial adjustment and a recognition of past services, particularly during the World War, have been eflfected each officer appointed in the Medical Reserve must be promotion only according to his relative The basis for equitable promotion will depend largely upon the outcome of provisions appearing in Army Reorganization Bills now being considered by the Senate and House (cyproheptadine). A Subsidiary of Pennsylvania Blue Shield Frederick side G, Brown, MD, Chairman, Danville Jeannine R Hahn, MD, King of Prussia Ferdinand L, Soisson, MD, Johnstown Mary L, Uehlein, Managing Editor Patricia L Hogg, Assistant Managing Editor Pennsylvania Medical Society All editorial and directed to the Managing Editor. The officers of this hospital and school who are privileged to address you are about twenty in number, and as every one in turn is called upon to open the medical session, each must feel that he most probably performs that twenty years of life? And even should his life, or at least that part of it devoted to public duties, be prolonged, how difl'ercnt will be his position! the snows of advancing age will have replaced the vigour of manhood, and he will address a generation yet unborn, the members of which will receive from you, culcate; ami, for my own part, sensible of the imperfect manner in which I have performed the duty, I feci a pleasure in borrowing the glowing words of a late distinguished MR. Portions of the liver immediately after cats death were pounded in a mortar with potash. Here we find another curious phenomenon, in that, of the long list of tonics listed by the activeprinciple therapeutists, that containing action the arsenates of iron, quinine and strychnine, with a few drops of nuclein, has proved so popular that it is employed more than all the others together, either as used singly or in combination. I am now convinced that this advice was wrong; that the general health cannot be maintained without exercise; that the more the limbs are used the better chance is there of the necessary quantity of phosphate of lime being deposited in the bones; and that as the bones become harder so will they most certainly regain their proper figure, in spite of the weight which they have to sustain. In the recto-vesical cul-de-sac there was more than a pint of dark-coloured urine: the bladder was small and contracted, with an oblique fissure, an inch and a half long, in the posterior inferior part, which opened into the peritonaeal cavity; the mucous membrane of the bladder was full and healthy, and slightly everted at the aperture. Much of the furniture and equipment for the wards, pharmacy, "dosage" laboratory, kitchen and laundry had to be made by workmen at the hospital. Andrew Wood moved"That the Coimcil now proceed to consider the expediency of amending Clause xx: brand. We only need to recall the introduction of tuberculin Under the circumstances it may be well, perhaps, to remind our readers that all the reports are not glowing; there is decidedly treated by this remedy there have been fourteen deaths, while a large number of unfavorable side-actions have been observed, among them great pain, decided elevation of temperature, suppression of the effects urine, albuminuria, blindness, disturbances of coordination, local necroses and gangrene, paralyses, rapidity and irregularity of the heart's action, softening of the cerebral lobes, besides a number of others. Later, on liiiding that the Q depression always precedes R rather than follows P when the auricular contraction does pills not Many attempts have since been made to establish more precisely the relation of the P wave to auricular systole.


Lcisliman has shown) a cord be held stretched between the coccjr.x of the mother and her pubic symphisis, the head in protruding from the vulva will necessarily impinge against the cord, and it will then be easy to draw a line which will show the exact part of the cranial hcl vault which occupied the antero-posterior diameter of the pelvis when the head first became visible. I am thoroughly convinced that we have been lending ourselves and sometimes, though I do not think that migraine it is true of the medical profession of this province, selling ourselves to the manufacturer to our own financial and ethical disadvantage, and at the expense of our patients.