Kobner obtained positive results with inoculations performed with scrapings from a soft chancre on rabbits. In these tubes were placed diaphragms of the same metal, perforated by apertures of different shape and position. Inasmuch as the symptoms continued unchanged in spite of repeated venesections, M. Without certain precautions, it is obtained along with a small admixture of the compound which yields the urrhodinic acid, and this mixture gives first a green and then a brown with alkalies, and is unquestionably the supposed pyrocatechin of Ebstein and Mu'ller. Whether the latter is to be considered as a slight trace of icterus, or referred to products of the haemoglobin otherwise produced, can hardly be" determined when the urine does not respond to the reaction of bile-pigment, because a quite similar discoloration occurs in cachexia from other causes. Chair of biology at the Institute of Technology. The lungs could not be emptied. By to the Board of Managers of the Observatory in Yale College, presented by them to the President and Fellows; to which is appended the Report of the Astronomer in charge of the Horological and Thermometric Bureaus.


Then followed a little weakness of the left arm and hand, this weakness increasing and. Been very gratifyijig reports from the use of copious injections of artificial serum or normal salt solution, either intravenous, subcutaneous, or by means of the high rectal injections. Portal, Bogras, Cruveilhier, and others have witnessed such cases, where at the autopsy no other cause of death could be found than the gall-stone enclosed in the biliary passage. Otherwise, the treatment may be said to be essentially symptomatic. In uses cases in which these symptoms were ascertained in taking the patient's history or on certain or probable diagnosis of general paralysis a long time before the manifestation of psychical symptoms. He painted it over the part at intervals of a week or ten days, perhaps more frequently. If we are called to set a fracture, no matter how simple it may be, we would not think of charging less than fifteen dollars. Large doses of bromide were given with temporary good effect; but, on their being discontinued, the" snorting" soon recurred with its original intensity.

All his experiments, which are numerous and appear to be well conducted, point to one conclusion, viz. In reading this interesting and instructive work upon the traumatic injuries of the brain, based upon the personal observation of five hundred cases, one is forcibly impressed with the remarkable care which has been exercised in recording these eases, as well as the conservative and logical manner in which the symptoms As the writer states in the preface, it is a department of surgery of the greatest practical importance and one which has not, up to the present time, received In his preliminary remarks upon fractures of the skull and their complications the author seeks to establish a distinction between the symptoms due to fracture per se and those due to the various injui'ies of the brain and its coverings, which so frequently complicate these The old and vague terms concussion and compression, under which nearly all the symptoms due to brain injury were formerly grouped, have been entirely discarded, and a new and thoroughly scientific nomenclature has been adopted. Although certain symptoms, such as vomiting, great prostration, agrypnia, make their appearance more frequently here than in simple catarrhal jaundice, yet in the latter affection they are by no means such rare developments as to allow our inferring therefrom even the probable existence of the severe disorder.

Diagnosis was made of malignant neoplasm of the tonsil probably implicating a portion of the parotid gland.

He had proved that this green coloring matter was present in the intestines of invertebrate animals, and the conclusion at which he arrived was that all the characteristic appearances of vegetable chlorophyll are present in animals, and that such pigments were synthetically A QUARREL OVER THE MANAGEMENT OF A HOSPITAL. Tlie abscess was healed in a few days and the patient felt well.

Effects of anaesthetic nata; not to exceed one grain in twenty-four hours; milk diet. Further observations have not supported this Diabetic coma has been attributed in succession to acid in the blood. This, I believe, was the only case that the committee had an opportunity of investigating. The use of erysipelas toxines is, to say the least, of doubtful "cranfit" efficacy.