The patient must never be left alone. The sensation communicated to the hand was very different, when the parts were returned as far as the os tincse and the uterus, in which latter the regular process of involution had evidently commenced. These views were stated and discussed before the Pathological Society during the last session, and they arc, probably, in consequence, known to many of our readers: online. Galligo "benefits" of Florence has lately published a memoir in which the iodide of ammonium is spoken of as much preferable to the iodides of potassium or of sodium.

Here the ankylosis of the joint resulting from gunshot injuries is nearly always accompanied, if not actually caused, by sepsis, and even if the operation is not performed until after the tissues have apparently soundly healed, there is always a grave danger that during the operation some encapsuled and quiescent septic focus will be opened up, and the large cavity in the tissues left by the excision of the joint will become infected and lead to prolonged suppuration with its attendant formation of cicatricial During my stay in France, I gathered that the results of this operation among the French were so far from satisfactory, that in cases of fibrous ankylosis every effort was made to obtain even a slight degree of movement by prolonged treatment with mechanotherapy, and in cases of osseous ankylosis it was recommended to make a linear section of the bones and put the arm up in the position most useful for the particular occupation followed by the counsel of perfection and with less than this the medical profession should not be satisfied. I therefore fractured it fairly across, and readjusted it. The most wonderful results have been accomplished through well-directed efforts in this direction.

Two or three cases of dysentery also occurred.

When he had thus passed the needle he disengaged the forceps, carried them below the supporting fingers, seized with them the point of the needle, and carried it out of the mouth, leaving the two ends of the ligature traversing the torn fragment, when it was no longer supported by his fingers. Present on the right side of the body. These pimples, in the course of about a week, inflame, and The pimples first show themselves on the lips and forehead, then on the face, neck, and wrists. The raucous membrane covering the epiglottis and the folds was perfectly free from ulceration; and the disease ceased abruptly and entirely at the vocal cords, the latter being perfectly healthy (aq). In these the active ingredients of medicines are concentrated into a small bulk in the liquid form by partially evaporating the expressed juices of the plants. On the contrary, by endeavouring to thrust have opened the eyes even of his most ardent supporters, who, it is to be hoped, will fur the future seek medical aid from a purer druggist buys an estate, and comes to reside in the country; and, having opened a shop or surgery, without a letter indicating what he professes, he presumes to prescribe for all cases of disease, both amongst the poor, and the opulent farmers (some of whom like cheap physic). He found him in too great pain to die, sitting by a large fire, shivering, whilst great drops of cold sweat ran down his face and body, which was swathed in two or three blankets.

The scabs continued to separate for several days, leaving behind deep depressions and blains was dismissed.

The first thing to do, then, with a gouty person is to make him, if possible, into a teetotaller.

Every practical surgeon is aware that in strangulated hernia, where there is undoubted strangulation by band, the tumour is very often free from pain, the higher part of the abdomen being more generally the seat of uneasy symptoms.

Vincent's Hospital; Consulting Surgeon, National Hospital, Holies Street, and Children's Hospital, I WAS driven to the study of tetanus by the loss of one very dear to me and for whom in the then state of our knowledge I could do absolutely nothing. By means of the chloride of zinc paste, a growth of the size of a walnut from the large bladder of ice and salt was applied, which entirely removed it in a few the caustic began again, a fresh bladder similarly filled was applied, with similar effect, so that, although the canstic remained in contact with the skin for six konn, the pain experiencea was of the most trivial character.

The fingers looked ready to burst; the taken no medicine for some weeks. Absolutely Free FROM Danger? The Boston Society for Medical Improvement has appointed a committee" to investigate the alleged deaths from the inhalation o( sulphuric ether, and to report thereon." The members of the committee the medical profession, or any person whatever, into whose hands this may fall, to communicate to either of them such cases, coming within their own observation, as shall serve to the investigation, and report, giving the place, time, and circumstances of their occurrence, with inhalation at which death occurred; also, any other facts whicl) may enable them to form an opinion on the subject of their investigations. The linea aspera, and the ball on the cervical extremity, are exceedingly rough, and has light and Right hip-joint diseased in consequence of severe inflammation, brought on by pumping laboriously when in imminent danger of shipwreck.

The gallbladder is a constant focus for low-grade infection and adhesions, which will continue to form and perhaps to spread until its removal; all these processes being attended with discomfort and invalidism to the possessor of the organ. (,From Proceedings of RoyaV (i. Combinase - it was suggested that the explanation of the remarkable effect of ozone in phthisis niiglit be found in the greater affinity which phthisical blood had with oxygen, an affinity which it also preserved when in Before concluding, the author alluded to a paper recently published by a French physician," On the Use of Ozonised Oil of turpentine in Hemoptysis," in which the suggestions made by Dr.