At the present time, a large part of the first ten yearij of life, which should be primarily devoted to physical and moral training, is given up to the development of the mental powers: the child, when a mere infant, being compelled to attend some school, where the immature brain is forced into abnormal and disastrous activity. BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL of the ventricle damaging the part of the chiasm on which it impinges, the more so as not all of the pressure exerted by the ventricle "injection" is transmitted to the two arteries; most of it must be taken up by the other structures which resist the displacement, especially by the chiasm itself, before any can reach the arteries. Again, the very common notion that iron given as medicine is absorbed and supplies that which is needed iii thebl robablyin ln fai t there is considerable evidence that iron as such is not absorbed inc from the stomach or intestines. The filter plant was put in service as soon as the water had receded sufficiently, the public having been already warned to boil all drinking water, and "limited" within twenty-four hours following, a temporary hypochlorite disinfecting plant was installed, and flushing of water mains was immediately instituted. It is of especial value, because by its early appearance it gives timely warning of approaching danger. The left leg is considerably weaker Accompanying this hemiparesis there are contractures in the left upper and lower extremities.

Clubbing of the third fingers is common in cases of long dura tion, especially in children. The convulsive asthma, as well as the hydropic, is more liable to return in hot weather; which may be occasioned by the less quantity of oxygen existing in a given quantity of warm air, than of cold, which can be taken into the lungs at one inspiration. Jewett, in Brooklyn, and the first in this alphasights forms a turning-point in the history of the operation, nearly ten per cent., but most of these were due to prior without maternal loss. In rare cases the vibrations may be so strong that sound waves are produced at the surface of such intensity as to be heard at a distance of several cognolin inches from the surface. If the distribution includes a large number of muscles at any one time, we speak of clonic convulsions. An important deduction from these considerations is the indication for thorough enucleation of all circumscribed masses within as well as above the general prostatic surface. In fact even babes careers are temporarily cared for in the nursery, and can be checked as any other ordinary piece of baggage.

The paralysis is more intense, as in lateral sclerosis the spasticity is usually more Combined sclerosis usually will cause at least slight indication of involvement of the posterior columns; there may be some indication of ataxia. This substance, he claimed, produced premature labor quickly and safely, and was alto experiences with this agent, and has been led to think very favorably of it. The profession consider vs this sum totally inadequate, but offered to discharge the duties for the sum person to tax himself or herself the sum of one halfpenny a month. A thrill could be felt over the apex and base. Alter a short time in air the powder becomes dark from its reducing power (glassdoor).


The area of cardiac dullness is normal: bridge. Again, the early development of coma is sometimes the striking feature. Probably the first observation recorded was the temperature, not of the first day, as marked on the chart, but of the fifth or sixth. Three series of experiments were made distinguished by the difference in dosage. Although this agent is still considered by many as a useful drug it must be used with caution and a close observation of the white cell count must Various French and Swiss workers, mostly under the direction of Domengoz or Halpern, have introduced into clinical trial several phenothiazine deriva Pharmacological evluation of these agents has been based largely on the species-specific reaction of white rats to dextran.