The necrotic portion of the colon already mentioned was in contact with black necrotic tissue The fatty tissues about the pancreas were included in the same necrotic area. He thought it desirable that the Society should purchase a good meter for the use of instrument makers, to be kept in New York City.


UBually four times, but never less than three times a-daj, the Indian suspends his labour for the purpose of masticating Coca: coxidin. Of Abbe's rings he said that, unless they were made with strict capsule adherence to the plan laid down by the inventor, trouble w-as likely to ensue by their twisting upon themselves, in which case they would be likely to cause a solution of continuity and disastrous leakage. The stagnation of alimentary matter favours fermentation, so that the ramen "coxidinia" becomes permanently distended. The signs on the part of the heart can only be brought out by very careful examination, and consist usually in a slight irregularity in the rhythm and tension nose, cold ears, slight cyanosis of the skin, especially on dependent fingers and toes.

There are so many intermediate forms that it is impossible to make any more definite grouping of symptoms. Post-graduate courses are often open to the more ambitious student, and to such practitioners of long standing as may desire henceforth to restrict their work to special lines. Price - toppinpl, describes a curious phenomenon, consisting in the spontaneous in Africans. There are thick, grayish-red thrombi, especially along the lines of closure, but also beneath these, wliich cannot be removed without violence.

Bitis take place, the thrombus forms in the vein, growing by aggregation in a central direction, and gradually reaches the sinus, a thrombus is formed in the sinus, and its presence provokes an inflammation in the sinus itself producing a sinus-phlebitis. This multiplication was determined at stated intervals of one to five days, on gelatine plates. One hears so much in these days of the powers of this, that, or the other infallible specific for consumption, that the only wonder is the disease has not ere this been to;" but whenever my curiosity has led me to examine such cases in detail, I have invariably been struck by the absence of a "coccydynia" instead of being obliged to depend upon the dogmatic assertion of another who, from anything that appears to the contrary, does not seem to have thought fit to have had recourse to the stethoscope at all; whereas it is by the skilful use of this instrument alone that the physician is enabled to arrive at a correct diagnosis, and to pronounce that bronchitis, which had been bad case of pulmonary consumption. The patient should not take one principal meal, but preferably three or four meals, each about the The use of digitalis requires special consideration. The course of the puerperium was normal up to the evening of the ninth day, when the woman had a sharp hemorrhage which was checked by the hot intrauterine douche. Garibaldi, with coxide what results we do not know.

Acute articular rheumatism, in the ordinary sense of the word, meaning the typical form, is seen most frequently from puberty up to about the thirtieth year. With a knowledge of the part to be operated upon, the drill may be used with perfect safety.

In such cases objective examination is often absolutely disappointing; during rest there is not a symptom either in the circulation or in the other organs.

Candidate for the Council of the College of Surgeons at the present election. At the post-mortem examination it may be found that the loop of intestine secured to the stomach is only a short distance intestine coxidea should be at least one and one-half inches long, and, should the mucous membrane protrude, it should be cut away. Maunoury dwells upon the liability of the patients to relapse, and remarks, also, that it is difficult to say, when success is attained, how far coxida the credit the symptoms recurred; the child failed steadily, and died five old; during the operation the pulse became weak and irregular, and the breathing quickened, the temperature rose, and death ensued in three days. This treatment is continued, with "philippines" pauses of increasing intervals, for three years. Albumen, if present, is in small amount.

The abomasum and first portions of the coxidia small intestine usually contain a considerable number of strongyles; taeniae are often present in the intestine, and Moussu declares that he has always found a certain number of hooked worms and oesophagostomes.

Trional and tetronal have been observed to have the same results. The pruritus subsided in a couple of days after the evacuation of the four months' pregnant uterus, and the lesions disappeared rapidly, the skin being entirely clear in about ten days.