Fonseca, of Pernambuco, has investigated this subject; and he tells us that in Pernambuco anthrax is very common, and that one of its forms is regarded as diagnostic of diabetes. Clinic (Hofrat Karl von Noorden. Opium was freely administered so as to relieve pain, and we particularly noticed the much greater relief obtained, and longer effect produced, by the hypodermic method, and the improvment of the tongue and digestion after its use. It is said to cause suppuration about the wound; but this again, I have seen quite as frequently, in proportion, after the ligature or cautery. On the right posterior side there is an area of flatness over which the sounds are absent or very dis tant. When the lachrymal duct, which leads from the eye into the cavity of the nose, is Yarious operations are performed upon v6 the eyeball itself. By placing the foot out in front it takes the strain off the flexor tendon and the navicular bone, thus giving relief. Thompson's opinion about treating strictures by flexible bou is very valuable, coming from such an authority; but it does not agree with my own experience, as I have found the metallic bougie more serviceable. This compression is considered to be the result of the metastases. This is a central repository in Washington, D.C., which has filed automatically complete chemicals in use at the present time. He was taken by his tutor, in whom he had the fullest confidence, to the side of antifungal a river, and M-hen he was undressed he suddenly found himself cast, by his instructor, into the stream. It is constantly on hand in some form in nearly every home and in nearly every lotion female purse in the country. Removal of tumors face and of foreign substances from the same part is a surgical procedure which is sometimes necessary, as is also the attempt to dilate the intestine by artificial means when there is serious obstruction in the passage of the intestinal canal. DecandoUe', however, regard? it as a whilst Leveillfe esteems it to be a fungus giving a coating to -the diseased' grain; the medical virtues residing in the coating. Notwithstanding all these differences, they are, by tacit understanding and acquiescence identified as the same disease.

If through negligence the chin be caught above the symphysis pubis the child should be delivered at once by forceps. It is often accompanied with much disturbance for in the stomach and bowels, and is relieved most readily and determinately by purgation. Gave "cream" a history of drinking large quantities of whiskey several months before admission.

Finally, as to the use of salt water, frictions with a solution of bay salt constitute a good stimulant for feeble patients with dementia or melancholia. Magnus, Ili cro-femoral; Sacro-femiral, (Ch.,) (F.) Jkf posterioir part of the pelvis, and at the u and posterior part of the thigh. Her aorta ended in the renal arteries as terminal arteries, but the size of the aorta at operation was precisely what you would expect use a dacron graft which was big even for The relationship of renal artery thrombosis to ascending aortic thrombosis is a mystery to me. It is apt to be speedily attended with the formation of a false membrane, which lines the trachea beneath the glottis, and occasions violent dyspnoea and suffocation, but is sometimes expectorated. Such is the junction of im,' i bind.' The outermost.margin of the name given by Winslow to the temporo-maxillary articulation, because, according to that anatomistj it partakes both of ginglymus and wander.' The movement of circumduction because it had two handles. They may be general, receiving all cases; or special, admitting only the subjects Hos'piTAL Gangeene, Fhageda'na gangrano'sa; Futrid or Malignant TJlcer, Gangra'na d'hopital.

Sometimes called, in France, Conduits ou Canaux aqueux. He must realize that sex education is not comprised of a short series of talks, sponsored by the high school PTA after girls from several prominent families become pregnant and have called on to give one or two talks on anatomy and physiology, trying to implant the fear of venereal disease and pregnancy into the uses student body and then feel that the job is done.

They interlace, and the oircular layer, which is the thicker, is nearest the canal of the tube. Having an unusual development of fat or flesh in proportion to the'the body,' and lentus,'thick,' is,, synonymous so many bodies. At the beginning of tlie treatment the patient should be removed from the bath at night; but in a short time he may remain in it constantly.


20g - adinoveatur, Let it be applied.

The mooted point among gynecologists is whether we are justified or not in depending entirely upon the objective or subjective symptoms.

Indeed, in old women, and whenever the disease is extensive, the vulvar structure should be entirely dissected oflT; so extreme a measure is not needed in younger subjects, or in cases where the pruritus does not extend over a large area.