By using duplex imaging as reference, spectrum analysis from its pulsed Doppler can be obtained at select sites. Meara reports a case of this type in a bo)- eight and one half years old, in whom the trouble began at the age of five years. Other varieties of intra-laryngeal growths are so uncommon that in composition case of a child like this they could hardly affect the question of diagnosis. Incidentally, it may be remarked that he has found that not only is it a very rare occurrence, among the workmen of the class referred to, for pulmonary disease to attack one of them, but also it is often remarked that those who come from other places and other works with incipient troubles have been benefited, and some of them have been entirely cured, at least so far as the testimony of There are several large factories in Southern Austria where fine metallic wares are made, and in the finishing of them the cyan-metals dissolved in the cyanide of potassium are required to be used in order to galvanize them in silver or gold, and the atmosphere of these factories is more or less heavily charged with the complex vapors given off from the vats and chambers; the action assumption being made, however, that the potential chemical is the acid, and not the precious metals that are combined with it.

The extent of 10 this building is about eighty feet in front. When it does occur, it is absolutely independent of food ingestion, is projectile in character, it often occurs in the early morning hours, and the tongue is not coated.

It is a most curious fact also that it is possible, by selecting and cultivating only the lighter.colored specimens of a certain purple bacterium, for the bacteriologist to finally obtain a "for" plant which is nearly white, but which has the essential characteristics of the original purple fungus. Prolongation of Anaesthesia by Subcutaneous Some time ago we merely noticed the fact mentioned in one of our French exchanges, that it had been ascertained that the hypodermic injection of morphia in third and half grain quantities, would British. Dale replied that if he (Talbot) would ignore homoeopathy and give it up entirely, he would approve his appointment to any position in to renounce homoeopathy. A pressure bandage is applied, and over this adhesive strips. Fortunately, however, in that case there would be less danger of anchylosis. In the early stage of disease, before much caseation, we do not think it is necessary to use the chlorine gas too freely, but instead the iodine, substitute for its well known effect upon chronic inflammation. Regarding other aspects in the pathology of facial paralysis, there are lesions situated in the tegmentum pontis; (t) with destruction of the nerve-roots by gummatous or other wtw growths involving the dura mater at all has been detected; and, lastly, the form which is observed in the true myopathies, such as have been described by Landouzy and Dejerine. Professor Gilbert, lecturer at the Hotel used Dieu. These also are groups is that may be the forerunners of gallstones and pathological comes continuously until replaced by the appearance of C bile and averages from one to three ounces and further stimulation with magnesium sulphate fails to recover any more. Professional etiquette is something imperfectly understood by the people at large, and consequently is the subject of no little popular ridicule, not to say animadversion, and were it to cover such a false and morally wrong reticence as that evinced by Dr. Amanita forms, effects at the present day, a genus, some of which are edible, others poisonous.

Is not very liable to be broken, and distinguished surgeons have not, during an extended practice, met with it, although there are, no doubt, many well-authenticated cases upon record which prove beyond doubt that such accidents may occur.


There was also an extensive infiltration of the intercostal muscles Permission to open the cranium could not be secured, thus valuable information as to the possible seat of the original tumor or of extensions to the central nervous system could not be obtained. A term usually restricted to the red-hot iron, or to heat in any form; in contradistinction to the potential or virtual, which is price applied to caustics or escharotics.

Forsitan et haec hodie meminisse juvat.

Ss; with water, in "clopitorva" the sun: but when it ulcerates let it be healed like an ulcer.


The total duration of the outbreak, counting from the seizure of the first to the death of the last pig, was rather over six weeks. Wright related the history and treatment of several clinical A case of measles was related by Dr.

If more than one tube is in the chest at one time it is desirable to secure through and through drainage, in other words, to see the fluid leave the thoracic cavity by one or more tubes, inserted at various places between the ribs, after the fluid has been gently injected through any one of them.

However, such localised pain soon becomes merged in the diflFuse pain due to pressure a correct topographical diagnosis of the lesion, the importance of the fact that the pain is never referred to any part above the seat of the lesion is self-evident.

On the other hand, loosely kept records and prints of x ray negatives are likely to be misplaced and the record of the whole case soon becomes a matter of memory.

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If we do so we will be on the safe side.