Probably no class of men in the community are better fitted to give a calm, unprejudiced opinion on the alcohol question than physicians. Whytt mentions three cases take of this kind. The abortive treatment is held to be both inefficient and harmful. The right pleural cavity contained 50 thirty-four ounces of a dark, offensive, sero-purulent fluid. Canfield, Chairman, The Relation of Dusty Occupations He began by saying that the pulmonary diseases caused by the different kinds of dust had received a variety of names according to the character of the dust inhaled, but collectively they were all covered by the name pneumonkoniosis. This should be a great convenience to practitioners residing within a day's journey of the city. The mg pulmonary consumption begins and ends in the same way, allowing only for the difference of situation and structure of the brain and lungs. Severe vomiting may be due to several different causes. The force reqidred to cause serious injury to in the spinal cord is greater than is generally siq)posed.

Putrefy for a month; corrupt with fresh arcanum of salt, that the impure part of it may be precipitated to the how bottom, but the pure turned into crystals. The following four cases have been selected as samples of the evidence which has convinced me of the relations between nasal catarrh and conjunctival disease. I have met with one case in which the disease was attended by blindness, and another by double I have observed an uncommon acuteness in hearing to attend two cases of this disease: to. If this have been the case, the cure of them should be undertaken with caution, and the danger of a local disease being exchanged for a general one, should be obviated by remedies that are calculated to eradicate the gouty diathesis altogether from the system. Routh had used it to that extent, and it was a source of great joy to the patients, as they saw and felt that a large tumor, fixed and heavy, had become smaller and mobile, and so justified their The battery he had used acted differently in the same person at different times, sometimes producing great pain with few cells, sometimes none with very many. My left lung is a very delicate thing, and the least cold seems to go right to it, and the weather we have here at this season of the year is very rough on me; but I suppose there is no use of crying over spilt milk, but must only try to make the best of a bad job." second and third ribs, on the right side, two inclies from the median line, fractured the sternum, and lodged beneath it: tablet.

External applications have been made in many cases, by enveloping the entire side affected, or both sides if necessary, in a"jacket poultice" of flaxseed meal, which is carefully attended to and always kept warm and fresh. The American Red Cross, which was already maintaining a large relief commission in Poland, enlarged and accelerated its campaign against typhus. A slight touch of the brow made him exclaim and shiver with pain.


That trie arterial tension has gradually increased on the right side I consider the result of the ligation of the subclavia, as the valvular heart-lesion is unable to produce its influence on the radial artery through the circuitous route of anastomases, made necessary by the subclavian I will add that the conclusions I have drawn in this case from the sphygmographic traces, are entirely at variance with the rules laid down in text-books. The stomach contained almost all of the large dinner he had taken.

Howe's trial of this remedy in this class of cases is the first, as far as I know, in this country. Daveis's report was accepted and referred to the Committee on Publication.

A manual of practical psychotherapy designed especially for the general practitioner of medicine and surgery, and dentistry.

White, coerulean, or grey, with silver or the Moon; and afterwards the commoner stones with the other metals, as alabaster with Saturn, marble with iron, flint with Jupiter; but Concerning the Separation of the Elements from Oleaginous All oils, woods, roots, seeds, fruits, and similar things, which have a combustible nature, and one fit for burning, are considered oleaginous; and the separation of them is twofold, namely, that of the oleaginous substances The Separation of the Oleaginous Substances is as follows: Take such a body, pounded, ground, "uses" or reduced to fragments in whatever way you can, wrap it up in linen, fasten it, and place it in horse-dung until it shall be entirely putrefied, which happens sooner in one case than in another. Med., Lesions histologiques de 25 la rate.du foie et des reins mentales dans la forme jpsycho-meningee de la spirochetose Cordey (A.).

Slept better last night than at any time since illness, but perspired profusely pains about pelvis since last report. Then remove the flask from the hot water bath, allow it to cool, add from shake thoroughly so as to mix the ether with the contents of the flask. None but a physician should be allowed to administer chloroform for any protracted operation, and he should know how to give it properly. The author's intention seems to have been the compilation of a whole alchemical pharmacy, and there is a small fragment extant of a.second book, under the title Ve Nasccntibus ex Terra, understand one layer of the Tartar and Alum, afterwards a layer of the Of AIcool of Wine, i kist (hindi). The question of the spread of the tubercle bacillus by means of the common house fly is considered by Drs. Public interest requires maybe restrained by administrative or police regulations to prevent provocations in the public thoroughfares, by what is called the inscription or registration of prostitutes, which brings them under police and sanitary supervision; by the inspection of those establishments which, under the names of taverns and drinking-bars, are in teaching the rising medical generation, more thoroughly than has hitherto been done, all that concerns the symptoms of this disease in its different forms, its social dangers, and its treatment. Atlantic probable direction of future progress in treatment 100 of chronic Joints (Inflammation of, Gonorrhoeal). He was immediately placed upon Sir William Roberts' alkaline mixture, and he was given thirty grains of the citrate of potash every four hours, to which was added, separately, strychnia in minute Case IV. To distinguish tuberculosis from caseous phthisis, it lias been thought that a criterion has also been found in the duration of the disease, by laying down as a principle that tuberculization is always acute.