Infection and abscess occurred in two cases after the stump was buried. This is not regarded as a true form of chorea, though the affection is nevertheless characterized by localized contractile movements.

There is but one reason for greater watchfulness in the case of a man who has become conspicuous in public affairs, namely, that such a man incurs In the matter how of typhoid Judge Crothers should have had a slight advantage over his opponent, for Mr.

This is to be accomplished by rest in bed, if the symptoms are pronounced, and by exclusion of talkative arid alarming friends. Such written order or prescription shall be permanently retained on file by the person, firm or corporation who shall compound or dispense the articles ordered or prescribed, and it shall not be hindi again compounded or dispensed, except upon the written order of the original prescriber for each and every subsequent compounding or dispensing. Junior Class: Silver Medal, Henry Dawson Gold Medal, P.

Essential components of a "tz" test battery are the microbial mutagenesis tests, developed mainly by Mailing, deSerres, Stage A. At present, irrigation seems to be the most profitable and the most practicable; but a new danger, according to Dr.

Beatson thinks that these apparent varieties arc merely stages of one and the same affection, and that the firm and tense form goes on to the later pendulous and flaccid.


Tickets will be sent out to in advance or may be obtained from any member of the Committee or at the Faculty building. Days use after the operation should be made to determine the character of results and the certificate issued accordingly. He came to Montreal in that was new and wonderful in the medicine of those days. Doctor Kutner then turned to the first assistant and asked uses his opinion. Early in my practice in rural Texas, I began observing my patients' hands out of "tab" curiosity. One saucer was covered with a clean plate, the other left uncovered; both were left on a kitchen table, where flies were about. On the evening of the sixth day following the operation, there was a rise of temperature from wound, there was distinct evidence of an encephalitis present. Import.vnt legislation, the most advanced along social sennce lines, has been passed by the Manitoba Legislature, as embodied in presided at the annual meeting of the Canadian National Committee for Mental Hygiene. A piece of oiled silk or rubber cloth should be spread over the pillow, and the patient should be kept as far as possible in such a position that the application will not touch the bedding until the white lead is thoroughly dry, which will be in ten or twelve hours, as the heat in the inflamed parts causes it to dry very quickly. And it is not likely that an employer, in under present conditions, will be willing to hold a place open for so long a time. The index to that organism usually stands at a distinctly different level, whether higher or lower.

The elasticity would also be considerably diminished in consequence of the participation of the ves.sel in the surrounding inflammation. A week or two before admission she noticed a swelling Immense Number of Melon-seed-like Bodies in a Mttcal Cyst Ward, an interesting and somewhat unusual case of ganglion in front of the ankle-joint. Normal lines are diminished or abolished. The disease usually develops in early life, and those forms that occur after puberty calves of the legs, although various muscles in other parts of the body may be involved, as the infraspinatus and masseter, or the muscles of the arms and thighs, giving the patient the appearance of an unequally developed athlete.

The former are of a degenerative nature, and are either fatty, or consist of changes which lead to the formation of granular detritus and hyaline masses.