We should be encouraged to experiment in this direction (uses). The diarrhoea in this case was of the nature of a lientery (ceftas).

We may, therefore, consider that the primary tumors arising from the mediastinal lymph glands are lymphoma, lympho-sarcoma, and perhaps fibro-sarcoma, or rounder spindle-celled sarcoma, although these last might be regarded as arising, not in the lymph glands, but in the ordinary connective tissue. A man applies for insurance, and whether it be a distinguished specialist examining for one of the important companies, or the country doctor for the local lodge, if a murmur is discovered the applicant is turned down, and sometimes told. Thus, in a well-marked case, in no part of the arterial tree is the flow made continuous, not even in the capillaries; and Quincke's" capillary pulse," although not peculiar to aortic regurgitation, is very characteristic of it.

Within the infant rind of this weak flower. The unselfish nature of the proposed legislation removes all emban'assment from urging upon legislators the passage of this bill. In the form of the Chamberland-Pasteur this is supplied in the military service to sterilize water whose gross impurities have been removed by the Berkefeld filter.


Between these two bi'anches is the Sulu sea, partly enclosed to the southward by the northeast shore of the large island of Borneo and a chain of small islands stretching from Borneo to the southwest extremity of Mindanao, the Sulu archipelago. Leishman observed that the fluid secreted by the coxal glands prevents coagulation of the blood. Low, damp situations; rheumatic affections; irritation consequent on the eye will protrude; the white of the eye may be of a pinkish cast; the eye will be watery; the pupil of the eye will be cloudy, at the edges, and dull and discolored at the center; there will be haziness, milkiness, or a whitish sjDot may appear, which will continue to overcast the eye. The urologist might prefer a Munro tidal drainage with irrigation instead of this simple catheter drainage.

Otherwise, they themselves will be troublesome, and their offspring also will bear these characteristics. The carbolized air has the advantage of purity, and is, at the same time, free from objections to the spray.

For some years the undress coat or blouse, the working dress of the army, has been gradually approaching the model of a hunting-shirt, which is the typical military dress, and to it in some form all woodsmen and frontier scouts ultimately come. I shall not to-night their great 200 value. Pleura two to six, provided with a dorsal and ventral long knife-like pointed process. Though lacking the strength aud influence of the College of Physicians, the Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of Maryland has in its sphere of usefulness exercised a firm, strong and elevating influence upon the profession of our iState (cl). And date of capture, and notes of interest forwarded at the same time. Powder of the same dosage.and therapeutic uses as origin of this substance has been fully described under Hops. Further, it was discovered that the proportion of fleas in whose stomach multiplication took place was six times greater in the epidemic than in the nonepidemic season.

The spirochaete is mobile and shows a single flage'ilum at each pole, but no undulating membrane, and has generally three or four curves, but may have two to nineteen. Berkley' also used the silver method in his study. This penetrates the meshes of the scars, and undoubtedly reaches small granulation areas that the dermal curette would not enter. It is not sufficient to see that the arms are bright, the uniform spotless, and the bedding neatly rolled.