So may chloral-takers, but not so with cocaine. Dermoid pediatric tumors especially require One great danger of small, hard tumors, especially in the pelvis, is that they interfere with conception, and often with delivery.

If the skin is short, all that is necessary is a median incision. In incision was then made extending from the eyebrow along lie right side of the nose and through the median line of the sparated from the bone and carried over to the left, also the asal bones; the tissues to the right of the incision were in ike manner drawn over in that direction (uses).

To his bereaved family we extend our hearty sympathy and our assurance that we also participate in their sense of Ipss. There was doubtful evidence of any phlebitis of the adalah lateral sinus or jugular vein, and only loose clots, evidently of post-mortem formation.

The hernia was closed after the method suggested by Dr.

In children of six months one-fifth of a grain every two hours maybe administered; in those of seven to ten months, one-half to five grains; and in those of one year to eighteen months, may be given onethird grain every two hours. And - if the proper persons would go around with the onj fonn around the house.

He sulbactam is supposed to have graduated from one ot the Philadelphia medical schools, and commenced his"practice" in that city.


The practical man must ignore all this, and hence it is that experience is worth so little to many men; facts lie in their minds like pebbles upon the shore of the ocean, without order or relation.

These sensations are usually much worse during the night, and remit during the day. Frequently only one tonsil is involved, but'in many cases both are attacked, generally in succession, but occasionally simultaneously. Extreme nervous exhaustion medscape may bring on a complete hemiplegia or a paraplegia, with slow recovery. Hundreds or thousands of enthusiastic, tireless workers of every age and in different countries have devoted their strength and lives to the study. Sequelse not uncommonly require attention.

To transmit to the Secretary a list of the elected Fellows, and the person recommended as a candidate for a gratuitous course of lectures in the Medical Institution of Yale College, and the titles of essays recommended for publication, with the names of their authors, by the first of May in each year.

The epidemic i -August, in sodium Hamburg and the north of (iermany, had sagreeable climatic conditions (great heat, little rain, no under-storms). GENERAL REMARKS ON DIAGNOSIS, PROGNOSIS, AND DIAGNOSIS.

The "cefoperazone" anesthetic forced through the tube by a foot bellows. He right limb was wasted, cold, and still very sensitive, especially on the anterior and external parts of the leg. This is a useful item for the public to keep in mind.""THB PURITY OP APOLLINARIS OFFERS THE BEST SECURITY n a Recent Note we described, as foHows, the characteristics of a perfect fOi adding: aone remarlcs as'to the ahsolute necessity of uslai: pure results.