At this time both the spots and the intervening normally pigmented skin look and feel smooth and pliable. What are the therapeutic uses of manganese? The salts of manganese, especially the permanganate of potash, are used in anemia, in irregularities of menstruation, as an antidote against opium or morphine in the stomach and locally, as an antiseptic and oxidizing agent. She will tiiereaftor hold her own, and perhaps gain in flesh right along. Liutter factories are those where tho milk is delivered daily and tho butter manufactured uses for a fixel price per pound, the skimmed milk and buttermilk being rotnrned. She died in about eight weeks after, with phthisis. It is only when the valerianates have jiroved inefficient that we may give preparations of the bromides, chloral, sulfonal, or opiates, but these preparations should be employed with the greatest circumspection, for they are very uncertain in their effects and may even in found the bromide of camphor of real service, Atroj)in('has been advised by some authors, among others Besnier, with extreme care. Nothing abnormal could be detected in the valve sounds.

When, however, urea and phosphates are eliminated in excess, the processes of oxidation should not be unduly stimulated, and wine may be allowed. Repeated la examinations should be made before a decision is reached in any case. Assuming, therefore, the truth of the essential value of practical knowledge to successful advancement in medical science, it needs no argument to enforce upon any mind imbued with a right sense of moral obligation, and appreciative of the authoritative behests of our high vocation, the duty of every one of its votaries to contribute of the results of his professional knowledge, acquired by daily observation and experience, all the information of which he is capable, for the instruction and advantage of the whole fraternity, to the fullest possible extent; and thus endeavor to subserve, not only the highest usefulness of the profession at large, but to promote, as a necessary sequence of such effort, the best welfare and supreme blessedness of our common humanity. After slight hemorrhage a simple pigmented mass of cicatricial tissue remains when the blood has been removed by absorption. The cold bath is the most frequently employed. The spleen is much enlarged, and quinine often acts specifically. Thus, in a letter to the Medical and Surgical Reporter, of the advantages of its use, is that" it is better tolerated by the stomach, not being nearly so liable to produce nausea and vomiting, especially when given during the height of the Comparing the effects of cinchonidia still further, with those produced by the sulphate of quinia, there is a marked difference in the effects produced on the brain and nervous led me to differ in opinion from some who have given their views on the same subject. Eesorein is soluble, and can be readily administered in any aqueous vehicle.


The compression of the liver may be such that suspension extreme degrees of atrophy may follow.

Syphilitic roseola does not act in this waj'. Collections of stagnant watei-, gai-bage and animal excreta exposed to air; leaking drains or sewers saturating the soil, or allowing the escape of gases. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis consists of a combination of primary degeneration in the pyramidal tracts of the spinal cord and of the ganglionic cells in the anterior cornua, together with the nuclei of the hypoglossal, spinal accessory, pneumogastric, and facial nerves.