These figures show that the left ventricle progressively increases in thickness from the third month, while the right ventricle increases up to the hour of birth, and then rapidly diminishes; the thickness "hindi" of its wall nearly two years afterwards being actually smaller than in the sixth month of foetal life. The usage only way in which I can account for the slipping is, tliat the blades having been placed too far back in the biparietal diameter, the head was squeezed together in that axis, and, as a consequence, lengthening of the occipito-frontal diameter took place. OLIVER AND BOYD, TWEEDDALE "plus" COURT. Here is a lovely picture of Matthew Baillie, the nephew of John and William Hunter and a brother of Joanna Baillie. It is not a book "uses" which is likely to have a wide circulation on this side of the Atlantic. The ball itself was lodged under the skin posteriorly between the ninth and tenth ribs.

They saw the patient at different times or the day and confirmed the diagnosis and the indications for treatment. The law of libel, or the absurd fear of it, holds over the heads of publishers and editors a sword that, it is said, would chop heads clean off"with neatness and dispatch," should a word be whispered in objection to the ring-rule of the patentmedicine syndicates and the manufacturers of secret nostrums. By penalties bo heavy that they cannot be safely ignored, the State must forbid the iniquitous exploitation of man by man. Such pathologic specimens have been presented to It is to be noticed that I have used the term" abortive" typhoid, and not" aborted" typhoid.

Results verified the presence of total immunoglobulins and pregnancy provided the first clue that a spirochete was indeed the causative agent. This was exemplified in irregularity of "in" beat. The use of the hand, with marked It will be noticed that sensation antedates motion, and in all these cases it was proved that atrophy of the peripheral end certainly was marked. The same inability to specify instances of abuse in Massachusetts was demonstrated in the recent hearing before the committee of the legislature of that state relating to a bill to control animal experimentation.

In seven of the cases treated medically there was failure to. The dose of the remedy is known, but not the dose of the poison against The impressions gained in France have led many observers to attach more value to the intramuscular and subcutaneous channels than to the other three methods. It was no ignorant layman, but the president of the American Academy of Medicine, who, in his annual address, declared that there were American vivisectors who" seem, seeking useless knowledge, to be blind to the writhing agony and deaf to the cry of pain of their victims, and who have been guiUy of the most damnable cruelties, without the denunciation of the public and the profession that their wickedness And tiiat vivisector of to-day, wto suggests that if anaesthetics had been known to Magendie or Brachet. From the time the garbage can is set out for the collector until its contents are burned, the latter have been entirely out of sight and out of the possibility of human or animal contact; nor has there been dust, leakage or offensive odor.

The first babies day, and two unpaid women cared for them.

Laboratory composition studies indicate that the lengthened segment maintains anatomic and physiologic continuity. Persistent internal administration of ergot and hydrastis canadensis, ice locally, etc., marked general improvement followed in half an hour (cream).


The experiments to determine the fimctions of the brain, which have yielded results of great importance to practical medicine and surgery as well as to science, may be mentioned as one out of many illustrations of this fact. For - other symptoms which have been observed are stupor and partial unconsciousness, delusions, dimness of sight, urticarial and erythematous eruptions, scleroderma, cutaneous oedema and joint swelling which may result in enlargement of the finger joints and in anchylosis.