If the lung ear is involved the sputum may contain blood. This would not be a question of metamorphosis, or of the formation of permanent spores, but solely of a latent state of the poison of the disease. All went well for nine days and then the patient began to spit frothy bright red blood. In the earlier cases the medicine was suspended as soon as the temperature became normal, but this was found in a number of instances to be followed continued for some two or three days longer, and Previous to the adoption of this treatment the management of the disease by the usual methods had been unsatisfactorv and the mortality excessive. This man in about a fortnight's time passed from a condition of considerable muscular wasting and of complete functional paralysis of the left arm, where there was defective circulation and blunted cutaneous sensibility up to the level of the middle of the forearm, "candelong-h" to a condition of complete and the man assumed about a month after treatment commenced. Besides the follicular glands there are almost constantly to be seen the so called ovula Nabothi, clear yellowish vesicles of variable size, video but visible to the naked eye, embedded in the mucous membrane. Caverly has spoken of in his paper, one of which, in particular, Dr. Among Sears, where through carelessness in arranging the valves, in the attempt to aspirate the fluid in serofibrinous pleurisy, air was pumped into the chest, Pneumothorax may result from the spontaneous perforation of an empyema either through the lung or through the chest wall, empyema necessitatis, but the former mode of origin is extremely rare, probably because, in the first place, it is difficult for pus to find an exit and air to find an entrance through such a small opening at the same time, and also because such empyemata are generally of long standing, with doleng much thickening of the pleura and with In rare cases pneumothorax has resulted from echinococcus disease of the lung, generally late in the malady and where pneumonic consolidation has resulted and has undergone necrosis and softening with rupture into the pleura, thereby simulating the method of production in tuberculosis. There are numerous cases on record of fatal results from their use, and there are many times as many cases that have never It is also of interest in those two cases, to note that the diameter of the coin in case one, and the diameter of the button in case two, are approximately the same, yet in the older child, the coin was firmly lodged above the aorta, whereas in the younger child, the button receded from the end of the instrument without For those who wish to study this subject thoroughly, reference is made to the monograph by Chevalier Jackson, which covers all phases of this subject most thoroughly, and for a less extensive reading, the article by Harris P. It is probable that in many of these cases the typhoid bacillus does not pass out of the body in the feces, but, on the other hand, in some cases we must believe that it does. A mouse inoculated with cultures of the bacillus died after a short period, and this fact, together with the cultured peculiarities of the organism, identified it as the bacillus of anthrax.

Knowledge, don't you think that you also No matter how busy he was, he always need this"brushing up?" Certainly every found time to treat his poor patients with doctor should visit the great centres of medi- and hands great in the scientific world, that cine and surgery, or as many of them as he he did hi; more distinguished patients, can and see, hear, and examine all that is Shortly after he located in Atlanta, he new to him since his last visit. Broksn ribs and collar bones though necessarily subject to constant naotion, almost always unite well. Step by step advance was made until a serum was ready for testing in the human disease. He eggs early took a leading place in the profession of the Connecticut Valley. The following day, we were pleased to find, brought no paroxysm: the girl recovered her health and spirits, but in a fortnight after, candling having incautiously exposed herself to the weather, a paroxysm shewed itself; the same medicine was administered, and no other paroxysm has since followed. The secondary disease in the spinal cord is not removed at once by the removal of its original source in the This fact of the effect of peripheral irritation upon central conditions is also important for the consideration of those persons who, thinking to be their own physicians, resort thoughtlessly to what is called medicinal massage or the vibratory motion cure, a remedy which, unskillfully or injudiciously used, is capable of doing great harm to those delicate nervous centres, which are so sensitive to violent peripheral impressions. On the other hand, deep-seated centric nervous disease might readily so alter the nu-" tritipn of the part as to predispose it to this form of ulcer or gangrene.

In each the operation revealed a condition which, to the naked eye at least, had all the ear marks of peritonitis which might tablets speedily cause death. Where operations are done at a distance from all surgical conveniences this asbestos wool may be taken out every day and heated on a shovel so as to become absolutely Dr. Perhaps we have to deal with a genuine spirillum, of which we have multiplication of Comma- bacilli, amongst fragment before us. We are in hearty accord with the principle of compulsory service as applied to the army. The most marked beneficial results follow their use and are, therefore, indicated in the treatment of all wasting diseases. To relieve the severe pain and distressing tenesmus, you will be obliged to give sedatives and narcotics, but I must caution you to withhold the most powerful of these, the opiates, as long as possible. Stringari reports that four or five years ago he began to use filmaron in the treatment of tape-worm, and found it to be an excellent and reliable tape-worm remedy. Curtis noted it especially in a case of beginning cirrhosis of the liver, and attributes it to the obstruction to the portal circulation caused by the sclerotic changes in that organ. Detre also claims that if used in conjunction with the treatment it offers valuable information as to the progress of the case. In all cases except one the bruit was louder in the neck than over the sternum.

Law of New York detailed experiments that he had conducted to show the bactericidal effect of high frequency currents.


Some iu-e always present, as the increased amount of blood, which flows more slowly.

Both the long standing swelling and the excessive secretion will have disappeared, unless of course, some of the increased size was due to actual hypertrophy, in which case its disappearance takes much longer and is seldom complete: 16.

Cerebrospinal fibers coming from the pneumogastric, phrenic, and splanchnic nerves follow the same course. The nail itself could not be found. The urine is acid, and occasionally contains some mg mucus; the bowels are out of order; the complexion pale; the health pretty good. Professor Jebb says that"Galen's distinctive aim was to place medical science on a psychological basis by studying the affections of the soul in connection with those of the body." This was an ambitious aim at a time when the normal processes of both soul and body were so little understood as they were at the very beginning of the Christian era. In the deep portion of the wound, the finger came in contact with a soft stone embedded in a calyx near the uretal orifice.