I retired on my bOth Hawaiian; I wanted to help out a Hawaiian commimity. Ligation of the pulmonary artery is only a palliative measure followed by"SUPRAORBITAL NEURALGIA OF MALARIAL ORIGIN." Boletin del Hospital Oftalmologico de Ntra. COMMENT: Most patients with retroversion and retroflexion of the uterus are suffering no symptoms from this condition and do not require an operation for its correction. Despite the fact that changes mandated by Washington have many characteristics of messages that come from above, it is clear that state and local initiatives will remain powerful factors in shaping our future, perhaps even more importantly than in the Never in the history of the profession has it forces that could pit physician against physician, physician against hospital, and physician against third-party carriers and regulatory bodies.


Hollis suggested that State and County leaders prepare an education campaign based jon recent actions in behalf of the membership.

Of particular interest to all physicians who have occasion to treat cases of chronic encephalitis is the chapter on the course and prognosis of this phase of the illness. Structures adjacent to the pregnancy gallbladder might produce a false appearance of a gallbladder with stone. Medical education is one of the primary missions of TAMC; the HIV clinic and consultative service plays a major role in the education and training of housestaff, medical students, and pharmacy The goal of the Tripler HIV program is to prevent new infections, disease progression, and death.

Calshine - the instrument in itself has certain advantages in conveying faint sounds very clearly to the ear, and it may be employed as the ordinary stethoscope.

In economically depressed areas get the necessary educational, Serving as President of Hawaii Medical Association for the past year has been busy, tough and a very gratifying experience, and I thank the membership for providing me this opportunity. The programs of both meetings will be based chiefly on wartime activities as they affect surgeons and hospital personnel in military and civilian Journal of the Oklahoma State Medical Association Abstracts, Reviews and Comments From This is a review of the hysterectomies done on the"THE EFFECT OF GONADOTROPINS UNDER THE This study is well summarized by the authors as seal, chorionic, pregnant mares, serum; combination of chorionic and hypophyseal, chorionic and equine, and the various gonadotropins differed quantitatively rather than qualitatively. By John H.Clarke, Repertory of the Symptoms of Rheumatism, tablet Sciatica, etc. In - fifty-eight of the girls I questioned a number of cases becoming blind after the fifth year by trauma or disease, and fouud the new condition had produced a greater sensitiveuess and awkwardness than did blindness occurring in other pupils before about that year; or especially where, as noted above, the defect was congenital. Here, also, giant-cells are found price in moderate numbers. It is also true that persons addicted to intermittent debauch are less liable to inflammatory lesions than constant consumers.

Thakker CD Charleston The West Virginia Medical Journal The following corrections have been called to Roster of Members under Sections, Associations and Societies; and Officers of Component Williamson, President; and Pastor C. Awards for Scientific Exhibits were presented as follows: First Place was GaMPAC membership, which went to Altamaha County and the Fourth District; a third for the largest financial contribution to GaMPAC which went to the physicians and their wives in DeKalb County; and a special recognition award to I Future Annual Session Meeting Sites It was announced that future sites of MAG Annual Sessions would be as CANCER OF THE COLON AND RECTUM i Sewell Auditorium, Georgia Baptist Hospital Sponsored by; Georgia Baptist Hospital Co-Sponsored by: Georgia Regional Medical Program ami.American Cancer Hotel in Atlanta has just concluded. Protozoa, simple cellular organisms representing the lowest III. The basic diet should consist of milk, green vegetables, some lean meat, eggs, fruits and fruit juices.

Drops - on the other hand, one of the reasons why a certain portion remains uueliminated is that being eliminated in the saliva it is swallowed and reabsorbed; then, too, it is probable that some of the iodine unites with the albumen of the tissues, forming slowly soluble albuminoid compounds of iodine, and so this quantity is delayed It is evident, therefore, that in the use of iodide of potassium we should give it freely and frequently at first until the residual amount has reached its limit, when smaller doses may be given and given that is to say, the drug should be given up to the point of tolerance, whatever that may be, and then a smaller dose will be sufficient to maintain its influence by replacing the albuminoid compounds as they are slowly eliminated. Syrup - he inquired of some of the largest paper-mills in England and Scotland, through the boards of managers and medical officers, in regard to the occurrence of tuberculous disease among persons employed in their mills, and especially in the sorting-rooms, at a time when hospitals for consumption did not practice disinfection.

The insect readily boards a composition vessel lying in an infected port and may remain there at least during a seventeen days' voyage.

The tubercle bacillus has ever been the analysis of this micro-organism has shown that the saccharides are among the important toxic elements.