George A., Medical Dicector Smart. Detached from the Cleveland and ordered to the Naval Station, Culebra, W. The mother of two children, no lotion miscarriages. To assist in the even distribution of the washed sputum on the plates, a small amount of sterile bouillon was added.

After isolation is perfect, and not until then, the indurated portion is exsected at its central as well as its peripheral end.

The animals which chew the cud have their own proviso for a late meal just before diopping off to their nightly slumbers. It not unfrequently happens that a new physician is called to treat some puzzling symptoms which the family doctor has failed to help. The annual oration was delivered of South Carolina, and G (price). Among the more important conditions commonly encountered in general practice in the treatment of which local applications of dry hot air render valuable service are sprains, acute articular rheumatism, various forms of early septic infection, and pneumonia. Aortic lesions are situated more favorably, as regards completeness of compensation, than mitral, because the ibrmer defects are counteracted by hypertrophy of the ventricle immediately beliind the valves, while the latter require hypertrophy of the ojjposite ventricle, to which the increase of tension must be transmitted through the pulmonary vessels. Trendelenburg's tampon-canula has been used many times for this purpose, ointment with pretty satisfactory results.

He thought that, if it was a sound theory, as soon as the syncytial tissue ceased its activity the patient should be relieved of the poison: and therefore emptying of the uterus rather favored, not the elimination of the poison, but the cessation of its production. Wiltshire.) years, having one child nine months ago, which she suckled florid and well-nourished; the bowels were confined, the defecation was painful; micturition was difficult, and she had leucorrhoea. It agrees with weak stomachs in a surprising manner and may he continued indefinitely without giving rise to gastric unrest. Five of the thirty cases were primary, the remainder recurrent and evidencing signs of general sarcomatosis. The hours of pain were distributed among the twelve months as follows: In glancing over these figures, great variation in the number per month is seen; the two highest months for chorea being May and March respectively, and the two lowest October and November; while for rheumatism, the two highest are January and April, and the two The highest month for rheumatism follows the highest month for chorea, instead of preceeding it, as we might have been led to suppose from our knowledge of the relationship between these two affections, although a considerable rise is seen in the number of attacks of rheumatism in January, two months before the greatest rise in the number of chorea The greatest suffering from neuralgia occurred in March, and the least in An attempt to explain these "online" variations, naturally brings us to a study of the varying conditions of the weather.

It may, however, lead or contribute to serious accidents. The beginning of the displacement often escapes the patients' notice at first, unless it comprises the region of the yellow cicatrization or absorption of the vitreous substance.

Uraimic symptoms develop in nephrotomized animals which survive the operation, in every case sooner or later.


The spinal column may take on an S shape or the back may become vaulted, but changes in the pelvic bones are rarely met with in elderly people. The cream woman made a good recovery. Of this latter class of patients it may be said, these" cowards die a thousand deaths from fear." The pain of operation with local ancesthesia under the most favorable circumstances is manyfold greater than that with general anesthesia and the after pains are no less, but many prefer to suffer thus, and when the operation is over congratulate themselves on not having taken ether.

The fact that individuals who express the criteria in almost the same words may really understand them quite differently is important, and will give special interest to the rediscussion of the identifying features of the curves in Professor Erlanger's article.

It will be our aim to keep up the standard of the Journal, and improve upon it as fast as possible. Since atophan rapidly reduces the uric acid concentration of the blood in The marked retention of creatinin in the blood in uremia was noted independently and almost simultaneously by three different groups of More detailed observations have since been presented by Myers and (creatinin plus creatin). The following day she found more or less swelling of the extremities and face, the back symptoms increased, urine scanty, no perspiration, and continued difficult breathing; says she has been tired and exhausted, and getting worse ever since she took the bath. It should only be employed, however, where the epidermis is buy unbroken, otherwise excessive absorption takes place, and phlyctenular or vesicular uruptions are the consequence. The minute puncture is closed by passing the first The guinea-pig which has been highly sensitized by subcutaneous injection, on receiving an intravenous dose of the antigen quickly shows respiratory distress, deep forced breathing movements, but speedily, in addition, general convulsions usually involve the whole musculature of the body, the spasms having no sensible connection with the respiratory function. The nature of these waste materials is very imperfectly known.