Being inflamed, the latter obstructed. ELLIOTT PUBLISHING COMPANY, Remittances should be made by New York Exchange, post office or by registered mail, as the publishers are not responsible for money sent by unregistered mail. There was much enlargement of the bones, especially in the neighbourhood of the metacarpo-phalangeal joint of the thumb, the terminal joint of the index, and both the phalangeal joints of the middle finger; external bending of the fingers and a Polish girl, aged six, with hypertrophy of the second and third toes with their metatarsals. In cardiac and renal affections the spleen is usually, and the liver parentpay always, free from iron pigment. The finger pool is then bent behind the urethra and hooks the prostate and urethra upward and for ward, with the result that the urethra breaks off at or above the insertion of the ejaculatory ducts. As years passed he became more widely known until his practice reached the adjoining parking counties. Out of the six cases examined, four showed marked vasomotor disturbances with rigidity of syrup the arteries, hemicrania, asthma, etc., from which it is evident that the strengthening of the vasomotor system and improvement of the general health are sufficient to bring about the ces.sation of the albuminuria.

The exploiters of the six foot bedroom idea and the waterclosets opening on the photography stairs are also endeavoring to manufacture sentiment in favor of a board of appeal to reverse and override the tenement house commissioner's decision. The writer slates three causes for the spread of uses diphtheria.

No disease found in internal organs.

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There are three possibilities in the results of this test: The dialysate of the test shows the characteristic blue color, while that of the control remains colorless (the person whose blood has been tested is pregnant"); the dialysates of test and of control remain colorless (showing nonpregnant serum); the dialysates of test and control turn blue (there is some error and the test must be day repeated after the error has been discovered and eliminated).

They consist on the physical side of a slowing of metabolism with tendency to obesity coincident with the cessation of menstruation, and signs of excitation or of loss of inhibition in autonomic domains (hot flushes; respiratory, cardiac The very brief synopsis of the main features of the classical endocrine syndromes given here will, I hope, convince you that we are now familiar with a group of definite syndromes of fairly well establislied endocrine origin. She feels as though she had been dishonored and defiled by some monstrous beast; her moral courage is gone forever; her honor and her virtue can never be regained. A critical examination of the Bower Ms., such as we owe to Dn Hoernle, word for word, with those of the Charaka and when he claims that"the Arabs invented chemical pharmacy, and were the founders of those We have only to refer our reader to the chapter on the preparation of caustic alkali, in the proof of the high degree of perfection in scientific pharmacy achieved by the Hindus at an early of quackery or charlatanism, and is a decided improvement upon the process described by a Greek writer of the Xlth century, as unearthed by M: plays. In addition to the gliosis, proliferation of connective tissue was present at all levels of the lesion; the bloodvesels throughout were very numerous with much thickened adventitia; and what was particlilarly curious and rare was cal the presence of striated muscle fibres in various spots between the fourth cervical and the eleventh dorsal seements. Acute enteritis is diagnosed program and treatment prescribed. "Another influx of Hindu learning took place under with the ruling dynasty from Baikh, where an ancestor pitchero of theirs had been an official in the Buddhistic (or monastery). The following fatalities may be referred to as bearing the' Lancet' article in the same number (Syncope apparently due to asphyxia produced by the administration of ether by close method to a cachectic patient with morbus Second Hyderabad Chloroform Commission," by the Members of the British Medical Association Committee on Anaesthetics: see their remarks relative to cessation of respiration dependent upon feebleness of cardiac action). The side, as in the anal speculum.