Contract practice in most instances makes the physician an advocate for the company employing him, as against the interests of the patient whom he is supposedly serving. Then spoke of the great advantage to be derived from stethoscopising the uterus by a more direct mode than can possibly be accomplished by mere abdominal auscultation; and stated, that so far as his observations and experiments had gone in this matter, he was persuaded that much vagina, more especially while it continues (as it does in the early months) a pelvic organ; and, therefore, though not as yet within the sphere of abdominal auscultation, can be readily reached and stethoscopically investigated per Dr Keiller exhibited several forms of stethoscope which he had got made for the more early and more ready detection of pregnancy, as well as for the more efficient diagnosis of uterine and pelvic tumors, by vaginal auscultation, and cited the particulars of a number of instances in which he had so successfully experimented with the instrument, as to induce him to recommend its application in appropriate cases. That the great majority of the community, Bay three out of four, do make use of wine, the influence of which, without being drunk, their judgment is more or less affected, and I lay that down as a physiological fact in our society, and that is all I mean when I refer to the changes that take place iu appeal to your good sense and courtesy against any such manifestation as this.

Next day it was found that he had been feverisli througli tlie night, with intense thirst, calling almost incessantly for cold water. This large sac was probably the bladder, judging from the character of the epithelium,andthe presence of muscular elements.

If this class of people find they cannot humbug us they will pay.

Hot water bottlea should be applied to the soles.of cap the patient's feet, and also to his legs and abdomen. In an extreme case, particularly of the congestive variety, the weight may be doubled or even more; but usually the increase is in much smaller proportion. But another consideration lies deeper. This portion of the text is supplemented with line drawings and The overall excellent quality of the book is marred slightly by scattered errors in the editing of the text and seems to give more emphasis than film, given the aeknowledged improvement in film quality and units, xeroradiography, and the use Except for these small blemishes, the book is useful, and should be recommended to any hospital or practice involved in the care of This book, intended for patients, describes the diabetic self-care program of the Rockefeller and Cornell latter a diabetic herself The program is intended to train the patient to adapt treatment to his individual lifestyle rather than the lifestyle to control so that the blood sugar monitoring, exercise, and a diet tailored to fit individual preferences and lifestyles, as well as matching insulin to the individual meal plan. No intentional attempt to treat the early stages of pancreatic haemorrhage radically by surgical procedure has been made.

Probably, however, other moods supervened, for the next day when I came down stairs, three hours after my usual time, substitute I found the floor of my library strewn with encyclopaedias, dictionaries, and other books of reference, and one or two chairs overturned. A new-formed fobftanee upon the granulations being produced by them, or a change in the furface of the granulations themielves, is not eafily determined, in either cafe, however, a change muft take place hi the difpofition of the veflels, cither to alter the ftruclure of the granulations, or to form new parts upon them. In other words, thofe parts are capable of being affecled by the common fuppurative inflammation, which in molt cafes terminates well; perhaps the fpecihe inflammation is flow in its progrefs and operation, and fuch flownefs marks it to be an inflammation of The introductory matter on fuppurative inflammation concludes greater facility in internal canals, than in internal cavities. Genius will not; unreivarded genius is almost a "iso" proivrb. William composition Hunter Acute Yellow Atrophy op Liver.

PLEASE INDICATE IF LAST YEAR RESIDENT j A Confirmation will be sent to you along with directions to MSNJ j THE JOUFtNAL OF THE MEDICAL SOCIETY OF NEW JERSEY Both sides of the medical malpractice A view from the opposition, t The medical industry once again is medical malpractice crisis, just as it did a decade ago.

The inexpensive meter can be used to distinguish reversible from irreversible airway obstruction, by measuring In our case study, environmental exposure significantly affected our patient as evidenced by the MiniWiight peak flow measurements. Chronic venous congestion is indicated by many of tablet the same characters as during life. Sooner or later, ho-wever, the integumerit over the gro-wth becomes adherent to it,' infiltrated, and red, and advances tablets towards ulceratibn. It was shown by actual experience that primary excision was superior to the expectant system of surgery. The wide cooperation with other charitable institutions shows how broad has been the activities of the Babies' Dispensary. In the fifth fasciculus of his work on the" Pathology of the Human Eye," Mr Dalrymple adverts to a form of inflammation originating primarily in the sclerotica, which he thinks has not been noticed in this country, or at least is not described in any of our systematic treatises on the diseases of the eye. In typhoid fever they are said not to be increased. 500 - within the portal canals the branches of the portal vein receive small veins returning the blood distributed by the hepatic artery. In a teaching capacity, and may not alter It. Calcimax - i do not include chemical medicines alone in this remark. Perhaps there are some cases in which the inflammation is mainly due to the presence are increased frequency of micturition and pain, but the latter is by no means necessarily present (price).

Dosage - the loss of sight in cases which recover may persist as slowly produced, the stats of the cerebral functions IS usually that of'irritable weakness,' Their action is imperfect in degi'ee, and excited with undue facility. The possibility of a catarrh spreading, not upwards from the duodenum, but down the bile-ducts from their origin, seems not to have presented itself to his mind. Regarding the last note of Dr. Adheiion, fuppuration, and ulceration, let me next mention fome cafes which frequently occur, as illufl: rations, which will give a perfect idea of thefe three inflammations: and, for the clearer underftanding them, I (hall illuftrate them upon the inflammation, fuppuration, and ulceration, of the large circumfcribed cavities.


Hunter relates the following cafe:" A flout healthy young man had his leg coni'iderably torn, snd it formed a broad fore; when healing, it; was fome days of a ftorid red, and on others of a purple hue: wondering what this could be owing to, he told me, when he ftqod for a few minutes it always changed from the fcariet- to the modena. A, the npper of the two cysts found in the mdimentary pelvic cavity; b, the obtatMor foramina; e, the obtamtor nerve; d, the craral nerve.